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Finding the Path to a Simpler, More Mindful Life

My feature photo for this post is a representation of the elephant headed Hindu Deity Ganesha or Lord Ganesh. I came across it on Creative Market on the shop of photographer and designer, Kaushal Jangid, was fascinated by it and purchased it without any clear idea of where or how I might use it. The more I read about Ganesha, the more apt it seems that he has come into my life just now. He seems like a good being to have on your side. He represents learning and intellect, and is recognized as a remover of Obstacles, both physical and Spiritual. This son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati  represents the traits of generosity, acceptance and protection. The qualities of effortlessness and wisdom are also associated with this good natured god. 

I am quite taken with both the deity and this photo. The depiction of Ganesh seems to emanate comfort and good will, causes me to feel good just looking at it. And the things he represents—generosity, effortless existence and acceptance, as well as wisdom— are all traits that I wish to cultivate. I am ready for life to flow, to quit creating more complexity than living really requires. I am attempting this year to streamline my life, my home, my work and my consciousness. It is my Intent to live more Mindfully, to pay attention to what is needed rather than just wanted, to organize my surroundings, and to listen to my guidance, to the small still voice that so often gets drowned out under the chaotic dialogue of daily living.

Reading list for a New Year
2018 Reading List!

While I haven’t undergone any profound transformation since setting my mind in this direction, I think I am making gentle inroads. I take at least a few moments a day to Meditate—and that is being a very good, very centering thing for me. Most days I fit a few exercises or simple yoga poses in, and though I need to do a lot more, it is a good thing also. I am not trying to force anything. My very nature struggles against ultimatums, and I know this about myself. As a family, we are working toward a healthier diet and lifestyle. We have been eating lots of vegetables, salads with most meals, winter favorites like broccoli, cauliflower and beets have graced our table often, and we are doing poke or Buddha type bowls at least one night most weeks. We purchased an Instant Pot recently, and so far at least, would heartily recommend this versatile kitchen accessory. 

Partner and Daughter Gaia has, over the past several months, wowed us with her own transformation. She has been plagued most of her young life with indigestion and other stomach issues. She began researching nutrition and her own problems, and has completely changed her own diet, eliminating most all processed foods and sugars, cutting out lots of high carb food and largely giving up bread. She continues to eat three substantial meals a day (various raw greens and vegetables make up a part of all three), feels much better and has far fewer issues, and she has lost more than fifteen pounds. She exercises daily and looks fantastic. The rest of us are doing our best to follow her lead!

The Home Front

Our house with new roof and newly painted trim colors
House-Winter 2018

I spoke of getting a new roof back in early December of last year (Just when I wanted to do Christmas Decorating) and since then we have had the doors and trim painted on the house. Though the bright yellow of the doors may have a little more impact than we expected, we like it. The yard, after being trampled by workmen and suffering through more freezing weather than we have had in years, is looking a bit sad, but spring will arrive soon, and we are going to have the landscaping updated as well. I will be sure to add pictures as this occurs. After two hurricanes in a year, and a good deal of trimming and tree removal, the yard is very different than the overgrown, shade dappled lot that we first dealt with. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Inside the house, I haven’t managed any projects as major as the fireplace whitewash and family room update of last fall, but I am in the midst of cleaning out and gathering up no longer used items for a Yard Sale and Donation. In January, I took the time before putting away Holiday Decor to empty the large closet I stow those things in, remove old, rickety shelving, paint and put in new shelves. Another job on my list ticked off.

Although I’ve only got to it in bits and pieces, I am also undertaking the cleaning, re-papering and organizing of the kitchen pantry and cabinets. I asked for a set of ProKeeper  (Mine are from Amazon. ) Kitchen storage canisters for Christmas, to replace the motley and very old collection of containers in my pantry. The Prokeepers are BPA-free, silicone sealed, clear plastic in a squared off shape that allows them to very efficiently store in the cabinet. A few weeks ago, I took out everything and reorganized all my staple items, baking goods and spices. I will do all of the kitchen cabinets as time allows.

Prokeeper Canisters with Labels added.
Prokeeper Canisters with Labels added.

I needed labels for my canisters, and thought of several alternatives before ordering the semi-clear vellum looking paper labels and printing them myself. My hand lettering skills are sadly lacking, so I am much happier with these. With the shape of the canisters, I can get so much more in this cabinet now and still find things. I am also an enthusiastic proponent of using baskets and bins all over the house for organization.

I would have to say that, being a collector and reseller of vintage goods, I don’t mind a bit of clutter (particularly in my work room  😯 apparently ) but I do like cleanliness and organization. Working on getting my house, and my life more organized eases my mind and puts me in a state where I truly think that many obstacles to peace, and both spiritual and physical progress, can truly be removed. Thanks, Lord Ganesha, for the inspiration!

Still working on:

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Removing Obstacles

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