Wednesday Feature #12— Pink Pressed Glass Toothpick Holder

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In the Limelight

Glass Toothpick Holder

Art Glass Gypsy Pot Toothpick Holder

Degenhart Opalescent Pink Pressed Glass Toothpick HolderI was at a yard sale. Under the merciless glare of the hot Florida sun, nothing seemed very appealing. Then, on one of the crowded tables, a pinkish orange glow like some miniature sunrise caught and held my eye. I picked up the little pot, turning it this way and that to admire the way it captured and seemed to both soften and intensify the light. I had surely found a tiny treasure! When I asked the seller for a price, I hesitated and nearly set it back down. When I am picking, whether it be yard sale, thrift shop or second-hand store, I am extremely frugal ( 😐 Make that cheap!). 

However, the sheer beauty of the thing (I still wasn’t sure what it was!), the sweet lines and the brilliant color, wouldn’t let me put it down. I brought it home, admired it for a while, then did some research. I was so pleased that I bought this wee piece of glass history.

The fascinating story of Degenhart Glass goes back to 1845 in Germany and spans three generations. When Mrs. (Elizabeth) Degenhart died in 1978, the factory was sold to Bernard C. Boyd, the glass maker. There are several websites with articles about Mrs. Degenhart and Degenhart Glass.

The Degenhart Glass Story By, Jabe Tarter (With a link to a list of Degenhart Colors)

The First Lady of Glass, Elizabeth Degenhart, Crystal Art Glass Meeting Elizabeth Degenhart


Do check out these articles if you are interested in art glass history. 

Now that I know more about Degenhart Glass and its rich history, I am on the lookout for these vintage collector pieces when I am out and about. In my kitchen and dining room, I collect blue and white dishes and accessories. The pink, quite frankly, doesn’t go with anything I have. However, I still profess my love for this glass gem of a toothpick holder.

Degenhart Opalescent Pink Pressed Glass Toothpick Holder by the Crystal Art Glass Company: Vintage Opaline Pink Gypsy Pot – $22.00

Lovely vintage gypsy pot toothpick holder made by glass-maker Bernard Boyd for the Crystal Art glass Company in Cambridge, Ohio. Distinctive Mark of D inside Heart dates this piece to between 1972 and 1978.

Pot measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter, about 2 1/4 inches tall (including tripod legs). This pink treasure is in beautiful condition; no chips cracks or discoloration. Beautiful!


I have just more or less finished migrating my website from to a new domain— ! I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I had contemplated this move last year, got a bit daunted at the prospect, and tried out a Pattern Site on Etsy instead.  Though I got a fair amount of traffic (It was increasing slowly) on the site, all of my sales continued to be through my Etsy Shop. It just wasn’t being what I wanted or needed, and keeping up another site was just too much. I still have lots of work to do, both on this site, in my Etsy Shop, and in my real world workroom/office. In the weeks to come, I will keep you updated on all three.

See you next time….

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