A Cleaner Earth

World Environment Day 2018

Dreaming of a Clean Earth
Image from Pixabay!

A Cleaner Earth… that’s what we all want. Right? Yet, scenes like the one above —a natural landscape marred by human waste—are everywhere. Not only do our cups runneth over in this age of material gratification, but so do our rubbish bins, dumpsters and landfills. Living the Dream comes at a high cost to our Environment. 

I know that you’ve heard it all before. From me—each April Earth Day and again in June for World Environment Day I climb onto my soap box and proselytize long and loud about this beautiful planet we have so effectively trashed. I’m sick and tired of the dialogue, and so, I will let the above photo speak for me this year. And just as a reminder, the theme of this year’s Earth Day and World Environment Day celebrations is to help end the all pervasive plastic pollution that is choking this planet to death. Use the following tags on your posts if you agree… 



Make Every Day Your Best

In the days, weeks and years to come, make certain that you are more mindful of what you purchase, and start pressuring vendors and companies to use more ecologically friendly packaging. I would hazard the guess that packaging is the number one problem in our overburdened landfills. If something is diposable, or made of single use plastic material, pass it by and look for a more sustainable option. We can make a difference, but it requires a conscious choice that we are consistently making.


Spend some time outside on June 5th. Celebrate the planet and make a decision to be part of a solution. Pick up some trash—and when it is time to dispose of it, think hard about where it is going and how long it will continue to fill an overflowing environmental niche. Work toward a Cleaner Earth.

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