A New Desk in the Studio/Workroom

No (April) Fooling… My New Desk is Finally In

Old Computer Desk
Old computer desk, cramped
and barely enough room to work.

This post is just to brag and show off. I have worked at the same cramped little computer desk (a hand me down from my college age son) practically since we moved into this house. Before the acquisition of my wireless printer, I had its bulky predecessor sitting on the small raised area on the right side of the desk. That truly did leave a micro-work area The plan was, from the start, to get a new one. I previously had a beautiful white wicker desk. However, when we moved, I decided that it lent itself beautifully to the decor in daughter Gaia’s bedroom—truly the space of an artist and collector (I promise that we will do a feature article on Gaia’s  unique and eclectic style at some future date.) 

As it turned out, I looked and looked for the right desk. I knew that first and foremost, I wanted space. I wanted the luxury of being able to spread out papers, to keep files and notes I use often close at hand. Since I also am constantly rearranging and organizing in the Craft Room, I wanted the desk to be open underneath in case I wanted to add a file drawer, wire baskets, crates or something else…

Nothing I saw online or at the second-hand stores was to my liking, and within my budget. I kept dawdling along, figuring that the right desk would present itself eventually. Just before Christmas, my Significant Other started showing me desks he had found on the internet— he wanted to get me a desk as a present. As it turned out, most of the ones I really liked were featured on Etsy or blogs where people were building their own desks. He asked if I minded if he built me one. I was thrilled at the opportunity to have pretty much what I wanted, and he bought the wood. An illness shortly after the New Year, weather and other things kept him from getting to it right away. After making do for over two years already, I was fine with waiting till Larry had the time to get into the awesome woodworking shop he has assembled in the garage, to work on the desk.

Replacing the old desk with new. Last week, it got finished, and I am delighted. As it is open underneath, it is not terribly heavy— though quite substantial— and not too hard to move in. I have never had quite this much desk-top space before and it is still a little heady to realize that I can spread out like this. Of course, pack-rat that I am, it will probably be cluttered and crowded eventually. However, in the meantime, I am going to luxuriate in all this room. Thank you, Larry! 😀

At present, my little DIY charging table is underneath the desk. I doubt that I will leave that there for long, as I have some further reorganizing to do soon. I was out last week and found two shabby crates, one small and the other medium-sized at a home-decor store. They are perfect for holding the items I had stored in the drawer and on the shelves of the old desk. Small items, like thumb-drives and  my camera’s USB cable fit handily into a cigar box I found at a thrift store for a quarter last week. I really do Love my new Desk.