A Slice Of Life

Getting over, through, around & by— My Life this Summer

A Slice of LifeI am way overdue on posting to this Blog— but then, I am pretty much out of sync with my life in general at this point. I have not been home a lot, and even when I am, I have been spectacularly non-productive. Whereas I have had lots of plans, not just for the website, but for our O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop, the Craft Room, the Garden, etc., I just do not seem able to move forward. There are lots of items sitting in my workroom in various stages of being prepared to be listed in our O Deer Mercantile inventory, and I have managed to complete a project here and there, but catching up is a pipe dream I wont even contemplate.

My Father has been gravely ill since late July, and was hospitalized until just this past weekend. He is home, but still far from actually being on the mend. To say it is being a difficult ending to a strained and over-burdened summer is an understatement. Aside from that, there are happier events also keeping us busy. My son Gabe had a Birthday yesterday, and it his cake in the picture above. No matter what else we do to celebrate, I have a long-standing tradition of always baking the kids (all grown now) a cake and making them a big meal. Gabe hadn’t expressed any preference of dinner, so, in need of comfort food, I made a pot roast with vegetables, baked macaroni and cheese, and a loaf of Honey Beer Bread.  I got this yummy recipe from Gimme Some Oven and it has become a household favorite for bread-in-a-hurry.


Honey Beer Bread

One of my favorite nephews is getting Married in a little over a week, and the next weekend will be the Baby Shower for my Granddaughter (yes, she is making me a great-grandmother at a much younger age than I might have wished!) who is due in October. I did design and print the invitations for her shower, as well as diaper raffle tickets and matching Thank You Cards. I was pretty happy with how well they came out.


August has  nearly disappeared, passing me by in a blur. I cannot believe that summer is nearly over, that school has already started, and that we will soon be busily preparing for our All-Hallows Barn Party, and then Thanksgiving, and the Holidays. Right now, it makes me feel weary just to think about it. While we are hopeful, and even optimistic at times, my Dad  is not out of the woods, and it is difficult to plan from one day to the next.

However, in weeks to come we will try to get back into some sort of rhythm on O-Deer. Gaia is working on some Halloween Goodies for the Etsy Shop, and she will be doing a Tutorial Post to go along with them. Kaylah has a new job, and is quite busy right now, but has a newly repaired computer, so we can look forward to more pictures and such from her in weeks to come.

As soon as there is time, we will resume our efforts toward fencing and expanding the Garden Area—continuing to implement the Garden Plan we made with such high hopes back in April. I have some of the summer’s bounty to preserve yet also. I made and froze Elderberry juice in June, and I will use it to make jelly and syrup before too long. At present, the pear tree is loaded down with fruit.Sand Pears- August 2015

Though nowhere near as heavy a crop as last year, the pears  are larger this year, and there are still lots of them. It is an Oriental pear tree planted here by my parents years ago. The common name, and what we usually call them, are sand pears. They are a hard, grainy pear, not very sweet, and not to the liking of many people for eating fresh. I think the crispy texture is nice, and they are delightful cut into wedges or as an addition to salads. They are lovely cooked also, though some adjustment to cooking time has to be made to get them truly tender. I have made a tasty spiced pear jam from them in the past, and this year we are going to try pear butter.  I actually have two recipes I want to try to compare, so I will be sure to show you the process and the results on this blog. I am also going to try out Spiced Pear Vodka. My sister discovered this recipe on Pinterest, and wants me to make it.

Hopefully, all will be well and life will even out. No matter what, we will go on…

Blessings to all!