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O Deer! Who are We and Why Do We Do This?

The three women who make up O Deer Mercantile (formerly o-deer.com) are an unlikely group from some viewpoints, but this multi-generational mash-up seems to work. I am Gwen and I would be the Matriarch, I suppose. I am mom to Gaia, and grandma to Kaylah. This project was a long time coming. I wanted to do a business that would be a combination of shop/website/bloggylifeandartstuff for a long time.

Maybe I was waiting to get my feet wet in the blogging world and learn a bit more about web design, social media and marketing. Or maybe I was waiting to live in an area (we formerly inhabited far western NC) that wasn’t so isolated and rural that I could run faster than the internet there.

Gwen~ Digital collage. Wondering which way to go, and maybe not finding a choice.

Probably I was waiting for these two beautiful, talented young ladies to grow up. It is lots more fun to do something of this scope with partners. I readily admit that my children and grandchildren are the Light of my Life. They make it all worthwhile, and keep me always learning and aware of what is going on in the world around me. Without this influence, I would more than likely be completely at a loss. I am just a bit otherworldly by nature, and often preoccupied to a dangerous degree. If I had to describe myself, I suppose it would be as an aging hippie with spiritual aspirations and a Martha Stewart complex. My persona is so eclectic that it confuses me.

I feel as though I have had enough adventure and experience in this life to occupy several lifetimes, but apparently there is still more to come. I have worked jobs that ranged from assistant manager of a car wash, to running a lawn and landscape service, owning a bead-shop, and working a vending machine route on Daytona’s Beach-side. Over the years I have worked as a machine operator in a tool and die factory, assembled delicate electronics, and done advertising and graphic design. I traveled much of this country as a footloose teenager; lived on a homestead in rural Wisconsin raising children, chickens and sheep; spent a couple of years in the high desert of West Texas (a place I still long for); and landed squarely back where I began, living for a time in the house I helped to build as a youngster and spent my high school years residing in. Now, circumstances have dictated that we move once again, this time only a few miles to a new/old house.

I do not know if the best is yet to come, but it is always entertaining, and I have certainly been fated to live in interesting times.

Gaia~ Always a PrincessMy youthful partners are still just starting out on their own journeys through life, but already they are both not only bright, talented and a joy to be around— they are each unique. Neither of them fit into any molds or behaved as archetypal teenagers or young adults. As different as night from day to each other, they are also decidedly individual in their own right.

Gaia is the youngest of my four children (three girls and one boy). She exhibited artistic talent before she could talk, and has always had a distinctive way of looking at her world. She is soft-spoken, and those not in her inner circle seldom hear her speak at all. But she is also funny, quirky and quick to laugh.

She lives in a world populated by imaginary beings and cuddly small creatures. Whether she is drawing, doodling, sewing or crafting, you just know that what she comes up with will be amazing. Besides her artistic endeavors, Gaia is in love with nature and endlessly curious about everything, from insects to weather patterns. She is an amazing help in the house and garden, and enjoys tending succulents and other potted plants.  She loves most all animals, and dotes over our two cats.  

The junior member of our Team is Kaylah. She is almost fourteen months younger than her Aunt Gaia. She is the one of us with her well manicured finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist. She is a pioneer in many ways, one of those people who are so tuned in to the world-consciousness that she knows what is emerging as trend or vogue before it quite arrives. She adores fashion, photography and cats.


Kay has dabbled into esoterica for awhile, is enchanted by her fit into the Gemini personality profile, and looking to find a spiritual bedrock to use as a foundation for the future. A Gemini in the truest sense, she is a communicator, outgoing and funny, but not overly willing to share her real self. In the O Deer Mercantile future look for more of Kaylah’s photography, her insights into being a young adult in these tumultuous times, and probably some of her quirky and serendipitous Thrift Shop finds.

This is just a quick introduction and a little About Us. There will be lots more coming in our Blog.

We look forward to getting to know you…

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