Almost All-Hallows Eve

Have a Happy Halloween!

No regular post this week— I am less than 24 hours from our annual All-Hallows Eve Barn Party and I am spread too thin. Besides my regular work and chores, there has been a barn to clean and decorate, and the yard to ready for the pitter-patter of the small thundering herd of grandchildren who will happily cavort in the dreamy spotlit nighttime landscape.

I have not completed my own costume (a hot glue gun and some wire should do it) and there are probably at least a thousand little last minute details that will come to me over the course of the day tomorrow, but for now I am tired and inclined to pat myself on the back for a job nearly well done. I wish you all a Happy and Safe Halloween, however you spend it. See you on the other side…

Happy Haloween!