An Autumn State of Mind

Welcoming Fall in a New Home



I know that it has been way too long since I posted! I haven’t even had the wherewithal to do a LimeLight weekly feature from our Etsy Shop. Kaylah, our very busy young adult O Deer woman, took up the slack for me by Stopping by to Say Hello! recently, and I do appreciate her taking the time. Moving from our country home of the last four years to a new residence in a beautiful, long-established neighborhood in town has taken more out of me than I expected. Though I closed up shop both metaphorically and literally for several weeks, I still have neither recovered or caught up.

The Studio/Office of O Deer!
New Studio/Office! Unfortunately, it has not improved significantly since this photo was taken several weeks ago.

If you haven’t been by for a while, you will see that changes are and  already have happened at many levels. So much of my Blog/Website is centered about the idea of Home, specifically the home we have just quitted, that I felt the need to take the opportunity to not only give the Website a face-lift, but to make many other changes as well. The transition will continue for some time. I am taking a long hard look at everything from Social Media to how I Schedule my days, and figuring out what still serves me, and what should be put aside or restructured.

  The shop has really started to grow over the past few months, and I am very optimistic about the upcoming Holiday Season. I wont have time to meet a few of the goals I had set myself and our small business earlier this year, but since moving was not even on my radar until less than four months ago, I am willing to cut myself some slack  😕 It was a busier summer than I ever could have anticipated. However, I have lots of Vintage Goodies just waiting to be listed on Etsy, and Gaia has about finished painting her new bedroom, has the sewing machine out, and is busily working on some new creations to add to our stock. I promise updates as we progress.

Welcoming Fall in our new home

A Peek at Our New Home

The new house is slowly becoming a home. There is a long road ahead though, and I hope you will come along as I attempt to Thriftily transform it. The house itself has good bones— and lots of possibilities. It is a two-story red brick Dutch Colonial with gambrel/mansard style roof and extremely cool dormer windows. It is over 3000 square feet, so it rambles a mite. There are two staircases, four bedrooms, formal living and dining, a rec room and breakfast nook. The kitchen is small and my least favorite room. Hopefully, we can come up with some updates and renovation ideas to improve it.

Favorite rooms are the awesome brick paved Florida Room, and the room that is becoming my Office/Studio, a 24 x 24 foot bonus room over the garage. My workroom in our previous house was fairly large, but nothing like this. And with the business growing, as well as the need to stock more packing and shipping supplies, etc., it really is great. Now, I just have to get to work on it.

A Nod to the Season

I am still planning on having my annual Halloween Party next month, though obviously with a whole different theme. Hard to have a All-Hallows Barn Party without a barn. It will be mainly in the Florida Room this year, so we should have a lot of fun decorating. In the meantime, I haven’t got out much of my Fall decor, because I am still just not organized, but there are touches around the house, reminding us that the Season has turned (In Florida you need a reminder because it will still feel like Summer for some time yet.) I’m going to leave you today, with a few photos of those Autumn touches…