Anatomy of a Christmas Tree

(Ornament Appreciation)


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well it  sometimes gets below 75 degrees now, and the city lights have all been decorated with wreaths and ribbons.  If you look, you’ll probably spot more than one palm tree festooned with lights. Happy Holidays in Florida! Despite the fact that my home state is the least Christmas-y of all, it hasn’t stopped me from standing up my two foot tall Christmas tree! I have not had the best of luck with this holiday icon, however…

The first time I decorated it so prim and proper, then placed it on a wicker trunk RIGHT next to my bedroom entrance. When I swiftly shut my door, a light gust of wind followed— just enough to knock my small tree down, smashing two of my Russian doll ornaments. Mom gave me the idea to duct tape the base down, but I told my procrastinating self  “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

The next morning as I’m getting dressed for work, it happened again, this time shattering not only a vintage, pink-diamond shaped ornament, but also my heart. I’m not gonna lie— I sat down on my floor and cried for a minute, prompting my boyfriend to offer to clean the mess for me. So in conclusion I have taped the tree down, (Thanks to my little sister and her copious amounts of designer duct-tape) and decided to avoid all fragile tree adornments. I’m turning into a lame adult, and am beginning to appreciate things I didn’t think about before, including the state of my holiday ornaments. So now I present to you, an Ornament Appreciation post, before I break anything else! (Also I have included links below the gallery as to where to obtain some of these ornaments. Prices may vary due to differences in where I obtained my versions of each ornament. Enjoy!)


Ornament Purchase Links

(O Deer Mercantile is not affiliated with Amazon or Target, and does not receive any compensation for these links— we are simply providing sources for some of the ornaments above. )

Wizard of Oz ‘Lullaby League’ Ornament

Hallmark ‘Bewtiched’ Ornament

Target ‘Lumberjack’ Ornament (No longer available)

Wishing you a Very Merry Tree Decorating this year…