Anticipation—Before the Storm

Waiting for Hurricane Matthew

Waiting For Hurricane Matthew

As I write this post, the hurricane is still far to the south, apparently strengthening in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  However, the bands of rain are arriving more frequently now. It is pelting my office window, and the breeze is definitely intensifying as this long afternoon winds by. We spent the morning moving plants, outdoor furniture and other objects in the yard and Florida room. We were attempting to get ready for what might or might not turn out to be a historic storm. Our car, usually out on the driveway, has been somehow wedged into the garage, and the other vehicles pulled up close to the house for shelter. We don’t have hurricane shutters for the outside, but we will close indoor shutters and blinds, and I have duct tape and tarps handy if the need arises. I packed all the my frozen meat into a single freezer compartment and have filled the empty space with water filled plastic containers. If we lose power, the mass of frozen goods will hold for quite some time. Now—we wait.

Though I have lived portions of my life in other places, I am Florida born and bred. That said, we’ve been to this Rodeo before. As the week has passed, we have daily watched the weather updates and the models. We have listened as the forecasters spout doom and gloom while their eyes sparkle with the excitement of having something to Report. In the meantime, we have merely went about our daily lives.  We long since learned it is useless to get very worked up about these things too soon. I can’t count the times our part of the state has been declared a potential disaster area when all we got was a bit of rain and some downed branches (which happens pretty much every time there is a bad thunderstorm!). 

A large part of Florida’s population at any given time has not been here long enough to have experienced any major or even minor hurricanes. So, predictably, a sort of agitated panic ensues. People empty the stores of supplies, cause accidents and traffic snarls in their haste to prepare or escape, and generally overreact. I ventured out yesterday to find several gas stations with pumps already closed. I imagine that a great exodus of frightened Floridians are even now heading north to merge with the frightened Georgians and Carolinians doing the same. Well, everyone loves Fall in the Appalachians! Now, I completely understand the need to evacuate the Beachside areas. I just see other dangers in the human instinct to flee from adversity.

At the grocery store yesterday, my son and I also witnessed the results of this spreading panic. Many areas of the store were completely empty. The bread isle was nearly decimated. Only a few unpopular rolls and bagels remained. Well, we bought bagels and peanut butter, a loaf of bread from the bakery section which, oddly perhaps, still had a good deal of stock, crackers and chips, canned fruit and cereal, and other sundry items that don’t need preparation. We have a gas grill, so if we and the grill are still here when it is all said and done, we will be able to cook even without power.

Am I nervous at this point—yes. Do I think that we will get through this? Most likely.

When it Rains…

When it Rains... Sale!

As a demonstration of my optimism and hope, I am having a sale at my O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop. We are offering 20% off purchases of $10.00 or more through Sunday evening. Use Coupon Code: MATTHEW at checkout for your discount. Hopefully, in a few days this will all have blown over and we will pack and ship.

Wish us well, as we do all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew. May the Lord Bless us All.