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New Beginnings at O Deer Mercantile

Moving On


WhereBloggersCreate2016POSTERSince we will soon be moving, Gaia and I wont be able to actually participate in our favorite Link Party of the year. We want to wish those who do enter into the fun all the best. We also want to thank Karen Valentine from My Dessert Cottage for deciding to host this fun event for another year. This is the 8th year for the annual blog party where we all get to show off the fun, frivolous, functional or fantastic places that we work. Had it not been for our present circumstances, it would have marked my 4th year and daughter Gaia’s 2nd of participation.

I fully realize that I have been lax in posting for the past few weeks, but life, always busy, has shifted into overdrive. We love this house, but we were only leasing it as it belonged to a family trust. For various reasons, it was recently decided that the house would be sold. This caught us a bit off guard as we had not foreseen such a contingency, at least not for some time. Then, when the property sold only one day after it was put on the market, we were left reeling…

Moving 2016And in need of a place to live. As of this writing, we still do not have a place to move to. However, we are looking for something suitable, and in the midst of packing. As anyone who has ever moved a family knows, it is a daunting task. We still have a good way to go. I have not even begun packing the Kitchen, in my experience always the room that takes longest, and the barn contents wait to be sorted out, cleaned and relegated to go, stay or be discarded.

Meanwhile, the grass keeps growing, the Florida heat is becoming nearly unbearable, and we are rushing about looking at homes for sale or rent. Thankfully too, the Etsy Shop O Deer Mercantile is steadily gaining more momentum even during the slow retail season of summer. Almost as if to make life even more complicated, I have contracted my first cold (or upper respiratory virus) in several years, and I have been a very unhappy woman the past few days.

Not Ready for Moving Day

We have pretty much whittled down the field of available homes to three at this point, and I will update here (with photos) when we conclusively know where we are moving to. We are looking in the local area, not only because it has become home, but to stay close to my Mom and Step-Mom. This move will most certainly prove to be an adventure once I look beyond the overwhelming amount of work to be done, but it is not without bittersweet overtones. This house, built by my parents in the early 1970s, will remain always the Home of my heart in many ways. I love it dearly, but recognize that it is time to move on. 

I will miss this house, and I will miss this room, a studio/office space where I have created, blogged, sewed, designed and just plain lavished with love. I only hope the next one is half as special.

Boxes in the Craft Room
Moving Boxes in the Studio/Office


Well, I will be sure to let you know where we are going and how we are doing soon. In the meantime, enjoy the summer, and be sure to visit all the amazing creative spaces that will be linked up for Where Bloggers Create 2016. I know that we can’t wait to visit the creative spaces of all our old, and some new, Blogging Friends. Till Next time….