April Showers Make For Lots of Outdoor Work

April Showers Bring May FlowersSunshine and Blossoms— The Joy of Spring

This is just going to be a quick update of progress made (or not) here at O Deer. We seem to be hopelessly behind, but we still do find the time to look at what we have accomplished of late, and enjoy. Gaia’s twenty-first birthday was recently celebrated with a family BBQ and a Triple Layer Cloud Cake. I am not sure when, but this tasty, ephemeral froth of a cake will end up as a featured recipe on this Blog. It is just that good.

We are within days of opening our Etsy shop. I promise! It will take some time to get the stock photographed and listed, but we are content to start small and work our way up. Look for the Grand Opening later this month.

Arboretum- Garden center in my neighborhood.

In the meantime, I am going to give a few peaks into the outdoor unfolding of spring in our yard, garden and neighborhood— we are lucky enough out here to have not just one, but two Garden Centers within a mile of our home. How handy is that?

Over the next few weeks, I want to add a new feature to our site, highlighting  and introducing our readers to some of the amazing local businesses the O Deer women frequent. While we love online shopping, and the great marketplaces like Etsy and ArtFire available, shopping local small businesses is an activity Deer to our Hearts. We absolutely adore Garden Centers, Thrift & Vintage Shops, Craft Venues & Suppliers, & Farmers Markets, to name a few… and we want to pay homage to these wonderful shops and venues.

On the home front, the already fenced part of the garden is thriving. Tiny tomatoes are starting to emerge along with the yellow blossoms, and I will be picking my first bell peppers this week. The main garden gate frame is nearly ready to set, and then we will begin tilling the outer area and putting up the fence. Flat of flowers to plant after trip to the nursery

Gaia and I brought home a flat of colorful annuals when we visited the Arboretum last weekend, and most of them are still on the Garden House deck waiting for us to get time to plant them. We actually went to pick up a couple of bags of the Arboretum’s soil mix I am so fond of. Flowers and plants on the Garden House deckWe still have a lot of plants that are queued up to be re-potted into new or roomier quarters.

While the plan was to do some re-potting, and to plant these small jewels from the garden center on Sunday, we got just a bit side-tracked. However, the work done was needed, and overdue. Recent trimming and clearing had the trailer we use to haul yard debris to the hole that is kept on the back of the property for this purpose, full to capacity. (We use the tractor to compact the yard debris as it is put in the hole. When it is as full as possible, another hole is excavated and the earth used to cover the previous one. This keeps an organic cycle going on the property, and reduces what we might add to the local landfill.) We hooked up the jeep and hauled it back, unloaded it, then decided to do some more trimming and pruning while we had it already hooked up. Oak tree which has grown too near barn and been overgrown with jasmine.

There was an opportunistic oak tree (a volunteer that was growing at an incredible rate) at the end of the barn. We have been planning on getting it out of there for over a year now, so we decided that this was the time. Larry cut it down and into pieces that Gaia and I could load onto the trailer and haul off. It was a very pleasant smelling job, as the jasmine (also in need of some major pruning), presently in bloom, on the end of the barn was thoroughly entwined in the branches. It was a bigger job than we originally bargained for, but it was great to get it done, and now the small garden bed along the fence will get additional sun, allowing me to use it for plants that were not thriving in the oak’s shade. We finished the day by cleaning out that bed, planting some seeds and bulbs and watering them in.

I think that everyone will agree that the barn looks much nicer without that tree breaking up the view.

Happy Small Business Week to all of those entrepreneurs who make this world a better and more interesting place.  Until next time, I hope that you all are having a wonderful, springtime week, and will join me again soon…