August Staycation for O Deer Mercantile…

Taking a Vacation Break


Background Courtesy of Evgeniya Ivanova on Creative Market

Last summer when O Deer Mercantile closed down for a couple of weeks, it was because we were… Moving! One of the most daunting words in the English language, I think. Since then— well, we’ve been busy. So, as August hits Central Florida with the full force of its energy sapping heat and humidity, we’ve decided to take a break for a week or so. Go to the beach, do some things we’ve been wanting to, sit by the pool, and just generally rest. 

I’m not closing the Etsy Shop. I am perfectly willing to pack and ship on my way to the beach or lunch. But I probably wont list anything new, or spend all the time I spend posting to social media and the blog, etc. Just taking a breather.

Be back in a week or so, hopefully raring to go…

Happy Summertime!!!!