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The junior partner of the O Deer Mercantile women. Kaylah is a budding photographer, crafter and stylist. Busy girl that she is these days, living away from “Home” and juggling shop management, two cats and a busy social life, she still makes time to post on this Blog occasionally.

The City That Never Sleeps

The City That Never Sleeps

Thanks For Sharing!Holiday Dream-Come-True   Ever since I was a little girl, the idea of New York consumed me. “The city that never sleeps“, they called it. How convenient for me! I’ve been a bit of an insomniac my entire life. I always imagined myself living in a little brick apartment and taking taxis to the oh-so-glamorous job I was convinced I would… Read more →

Fall at Kaylah's - Bella on the Porch

Autumn Evenings on the Back Porch

Thanks For Sharing!Being in Tune with the Season It’s 5:59 PM, and although today itself hasn’t been very eventful, the past couple of days have been non stop exhausting. Now, I haven’t hopped on the Christmas music train just yet, unlike most of my Facebook peers, but I am guilty of utilizing Spotify for its ‘Autumn Acoustic’ playlist. I am in… Read more →

Kaylah's Stopping by O Deer!

Stopping By to Say Hello!

Thanks For Sharing!Hello Again— O Deer Friends It’s been some time since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts. (In fact my boss asked me to come in today, to which I had to say no for the sake of my sanity.) I have wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on in life and… Read more →

Blooming Into My New Life

Thanks For Sharing!They say April showers bring May flowers…     Boy, I hope whoever they are is right. My first month and a half of living on my own has been, metaphorically, like a string of successive storms with a few days of sunshine in between—much like the season of spring itself. I am mostly writing to remind you all that… Read more →

Designing a New Life

Paint Chips

Thanks For Sharing!It’s 10:52 PM And all I can think about are paint chips…   Maybe because paint chips are the least stressful thing I can think of right now. I’ve been off work (Job #2) for a couple of hours, I have the day off tomorrow, and I am currently lying underneath a ridiculously fuzzy blanket. So why am I so… Read more →


Anatomy of a Christmas Tree

Thanks For Sharing!(Ornament Appreciation) It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well it  sometimes gets below 75 degrees now, and the city lights have all been decorated with wreaths and ribbons.  If you look, you’ll probably spot more than one palm tree festooned with lights. Happy Holidays in Florida! Despite the fact that my home state is the least Christmas-y of all,… Read more →

Go a Little Nuts This Year

Kaylah’s Holiday Gift Guide

Thanks For Sharing!Welcome to the O Deer Christmas Treasure Hunt… Originally, we were going to do a single post featuring the O Deer Favorite Christmas Shopping Sites. However, we are such an eclectic group, with intersecting but still widely divergent tastes and styles, that we decided to do not one, but three gift guides featuring the places and products we like best… Read more →

First Day of Fall

Fall as Told by Kaylah

Thanks For Sharing!  Signs of The Season Change Living in Florida, the signs of Autumn are scarce— the slight temperature change only trickling into our Sunshine State, leaving us now at a *crisp* 81 degrees. The smell of the Cinnamon Stick branches Publix begins to sell in mid-September, and the discarded ‘pumpkin spice latte’ Starbucks cups littering the ground are… Read more →

Sister, sister!

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Polaroid Blonde

Photo Shoot With My O-So-Cute Siblings

In the introduction my grandmother wrote about me a while back on this website, she called me ‘O-Deer’s Style Maven.’ If we’re being honest, I should be O-deer’s ‘So-far-not-super-active-member-because-I’m-a-frazzled-young-adult.’ That’s not so catchy, though. Anywho— on my quest of finding another model besides myself, (Since I’m beginning to look like a pretentious self-portrait photographer) I have recently begged asked my two younger sisters for their faces as my next subjects. Luckily, I have a one sister who needed some maternity shots done, and another sister who is not exactly camera-shy. They’re both gorgeous individuals, and not to mention family I can use at my disposal 😉  However, in the future I hope to work with more local photographers/models for variety and self-education. I’m using my instagram (@spacecatontherun) for networking and it’s working pretty decent at the moment. Anyway, without further adieu, Alyssa and Natalee

 (Imagine you just heard “Dun dun dun dunnnn!” and their names magically turned into marquee letters.)

Kaylah on the wall

Sorry For the Wait…

Thanks For Sharing!Hey guys— Kaylah here! An Update from the O Deer Photographer You will have to excuse my previous hiatus. Inspiration comes when it wants, and it’s not always so easy when you are a young adult bustling about, trying to map your life together. With my 20th birthday coming up VERY soon, I am feeling the need to… Read more →

Skate Shop

Hello Internet!

Thanks For Sharing! I’m Kaylah… This is my fist blog post on O Deer, so I’ll begin by saying hello and telling you the basics about myself— I am a young adult working as a waitress at a local diner, trying to earn money for college, a car, my next tattoo… You know, the important stuff. I have two cat children,… Read more →