Autumn Evenings on the Back Porch

Being in Tune with the Season

It’s 5:59 PM, and although today itself hasn’t been very eventful, the past couple of days have been non stop exhausting. Now, I haven’t hopped on the Christmas music train just yet, unlike most of my Facebook peers, but I am guilty of utilizing Spotify for its ‘Autumn Acoustic’ playlist. I am in the right at this point however, I’d say. The cool tunes of the music finally match the weather here in the Sunshine State.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brisk 64 degrees at dawn this morning. I am currently observing the sun slowly set on this still landscape. The only good thing this Hurricane Matthew ( See my grandmother’s earlier post) brought on is the dropping of temperatures. The day after the storm, kind of ironically, was breath-taking in more ways than one. The air had a slight, chilly tingle, and the rapid speed at which my city maintains it’s society, came to a halt.

Everyone really had a moment to step away from technology and for some (Including myself) the daily routine of work. Despite our lack of electricity or hot water (5 days for my neighborhood!) that almost-week was one of the of the most relaxing spans of times I’ve experienced all year. My boyfriend and his mother were also out of work so we were spending quite a bit of bonding time together. Grilled dinners served over a candle-lit, wrought iron, outdoors table every night on the back porch—usually followed by a plethora of wild stories and an abundance of laughter. Even now, a little over a month and a half since Matthew came and left, the spirit has maintained.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, the pace of life has been reducing speed beautifully since Fall moved in, and although this segment of life is quite brief, it is absolutely my favorite. I know everyone is excited for candy canes and tree decorating, but don’t forget to stop and smell the pumpkins while Autumn is still visiting. <3 (PS: Click the pictures below to view them full size.)