We Live Inside a Miracle...

Earth Day #47—Listen to Your Mother

Earth Day…April 22nd 2017   This is what we need to remember on Earth Day, and every day—the very complex, interconnected and interdependent, ecosystem we live in is A Miracle.  It is a miracle of breathtaking beauty, amazing diversity, magnificent complexity and awesome intricacy. It is a Miracle it has survived the abuses heaped upon it by the human race. However,… Read more →

Vintage Candle Holders- Night Lights

Weekly Feature #22—Vintage Candle Holders

Night Lights… Candle Holders and Candelabrum    Candlelit Nothing is more romantic than candle light. Through the years, these humble wax cylinders have gone from a house-keeping necessity to an indulgent luxury. Candles come in many shapes, forms and even materials, though wax is still most common. They are scented, colored, carved and dipped, among many other things.  The holders for… Read more →

Happy Easter

O Deer —Happy Easter

  No feature this week! I am busy getting ready to host our family Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt this weekend. We just spent the afternoon cleaning the Florida room and pool deck. The weather should be lovely for Easter. I am glad, though we are badly in need of rain. It has been very dry since the latter half… Read more →

Six pieces in original box + 3 extra forks. Rounded wood handles with colored plastic rounded end.

Weekly Feature #20— Fondue Me

Melting Pot This week’s feature comes with some fun history facts. More than likely, the origins of fondue are rather homely. Probably melting cheese to dip bread in was a way for farmers and other humble folk to use up scraps of old cheese and stale bread. Way back in 1699 a book published in Zurich contained a recipe to… Read more →

Weekly Feature #19- Hollowware

Weekly Feature #19—Hollowware

Subtle Silver   This week’s featured items are all Hollowware.  Cool word, eh! Hollowware- Metal ( Silver or Silver-plated) Tableware that is hollow or concave, such as sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots, soup tureens, servers, water jugs, platters, butter plates, and other items that are used as serving pieces on the table. (Silverware, or flatware, is not Hollowware)  While a cup… Read more →

Hello spring 2017

Hello Spring 2017

Bidding a Warm Welcome to the Vernal Equinox   Happy Spring everyone. Winter officially ended at 6:29 a.m. EDT this morning. All things being Equal ( I manage to say these words at least once every vernal and autumnal equinox!  😮 ) I was so ready for winter to end. Even though it has been a mild winter here in Florida,… Read more →