Scrabble tiles ODM

O Deer Mercantile

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Branding by Kaylah   Kaylah’s job calls for a lot of creativity. When she has time, she plays around with different media and styles of photography.  She recently put together this scrabble tile collage for me, featuring our website and shop— O Deer Mercantile on Etsy! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Read more →

No Matter Where You Go… Well, You Know

(Excerpted and Updated Post from Old Blog—A Glitch in Time. Original appeared in October 2013) Letting Go… I have been busy—I am nearly always busy. Though it seems it should be otherwise, all of this activity garners very minimal actual results. I find that too often, I am left without anything in particular to show for my time or my… Read more →

Happy Independence Day!

O Deer— It’s Independence Day

Have a Star Spangled 4th of July O     The O Deer Mercantile Women are wishing a happy and safe holiday to all. Whether it’s the beach, picnic, BBQ or other gathering, always remember to use common sense and care. And enjoy the Fireworks. Have a great Holiday! Till next time! All the best…. Read more →

The Barn Door

Counting My Blessings—What an Awful Life

Awful or Awe-Full During a recent meditation I was surprised to find myself reflecting on the word Awful. Like so many words we use without ever really thinking about them, the word originally had a very different definition. The archaic definition: Inspiring reverential wonder or fear… Synonyms: awe-inspiring, awesome, impressive; dread, fearful.  Somewhere along the line, the balance tipped and… Read more →

Feature 28- The Casserole

Weekly Feature #28—The Casserole

Be It Ever So Humble… The Casserole— A dish used both to cook in the oven and to serve. Also the food cooked in the oven and served in the dish…     Originally, the word casserole described the pan (often of pottery) in which food was cooked. In French, the word casserole literally means pan or saucepan. Eventually, the… Read more →

Baby Gwen & Dad

Florida Memories

  Note: Today’s Post is another from the archive of my former Blogger Blog, “A Glitch in Time”, that I recently took offline.  My Father passed away in December, 2015. I wrote the following Post in June, 2013 for him on the occasion of his Birthday and Fathers Day. This will be the second anniversary of his Birthday since he passed,… Read more →