Welcome to Autumn

Welcome Autumn…2017

Fall, Autumnal Equinox, Mabon or Harvest Festival No matter which name you apply to this day, we are marking the end of a season or cycle and the beginning of another. I have mentioned in the past, that Autumn and I have a somewhat rocky emotional history. However, more than the beginning of a new season is being heralded by… Read more →

Irma 2017- Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

We Hope Hope Floats Hello all! I really wasn’t ready for one of the most destructive hurricanes ever on record to be moseying in our general direction. While it is still conceivable that the storm may track in a more northerly direction while it is still farther east of us, that likelihood grows less with every passing hour. We are… Read more →

Look Very Closely

I Do Feel For You

(This is another in my series of excerpted and updated Posts from my old, no longer active, blog A Glitch In Time. The original version of this appeared in May of 2014. When I started this current website and blog in tandem with the Etsy Shop and business, O Deer Mercantile, I decided to keep my Spiritual and Philosophical meanderings separate from the… Read more →

Weekly Feature #33

Weekly Feature #33— Beginning to Look Like A Christmas Sale

Whats Red, Green and White?   Christmas in August, of course! There’s still another week left in our Holly Jolly Summer Christmas Sale. And I’m adding some neat new/old Christmas items to the shop just in time to take advantage of the 17% off discount on all Holiday merchandise. Just enter code KRISKRINGLE at checkout to take advantage of this special.    … Read more →

Social Media

Accountability—Time, Technology, Social Media and Magic

Living on the Cusp…Finding a Direction at the end of The Age of Reason  We are indeed fated to live in interesting times, living up to the blessing or curse of the old, supposedly Chinese adage that is blithely and often bandied about. Perhaps this is always the case. Whatever times we find ourselves in are likely, speaking in  the language of probability,… Read more →


Taking a Vacation Break


Background Courtesy of Evgeniya Ivanova on Creative Market https://creativemarket.com/snusmumr

Last summer when O Deer Mercantile closed down for a couple of weeks, it was because we were… Moving! One of the most daunting words in the English language, I think. Since then— well, we’ve been busy. So, as August hits Central Florida with the full force of its energy sapping heat and humidity, we’ve decided to take a break for a week or so. Go to the beach, do some things we’ve been wanting to, sit by the pool, and just generally rest. 

I’m not closing the Etsy Shop. I am perfectly willing to pack and ship on my way to the beach or lunch. But I probably wont list anything new, or spend all the time I spend posting to social media and the blog, etc. Just taking a breather.

Be back in a week or so, hopefully raring to go…

Happy Summertime!!!! 

Going With The (Work) Flow

Going With The (Work) Flow

Tips and Tools No Woman is an island… and the same is true of the Blogger and Small Business owner. It takes a lot of different tools, From computer to mobile phone to camera equipment; from software to website accounts to apps. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Organization is necessary (something I eternally struggle with, but work… Read more →