Blooming Into My New Life

They say April showers bring May flowers…




Boy, I hope whoever they are is right. My first month and a half of living on my own has been, metaphorically, like a string of successive storms with a few days of sunshine in between—much like the season of spring itself. I am mostly writing to remind you all that I am indeed still alive. I have been totally occupied, by work first and foremost, but also by a suddenly non-stop life. Although this adulting stuff (More info on my earlier post— Paint Chips) has been a pretty difficult ship for me to board, I have had some pretty grand adventures. Late nights on the town, beautiful garden visits, small local taco shops, and lazy days at home with the boyfriend and the roommate.

There hasn’t been much time for my photography unfortunately, (Or for unpacking and organizing my bedroom, once I do though, a post shall be made!). However, like any average millennial, my phone is practically adhered to my person. That being said, I’ve captured some of my favorite little parts of my journey, and would like to share. It seems that for now I’ll be writing a lot about my personal life, but more practical  posts are coming, I promise! For the time being, enjoy a little peek into my personal life…

Life ~ Spring 2016

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