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Jolly Hollyday Sale

Weekly Feature #40—First ODM Shop Sale of the Holiday Season

Thanks For Sharing!Have a Jolly Hollyday! We’re stoked and we’re stocked (295+ Listings), and ready for the first shop-wide sale of the Holiday Season. From Monday November 20th through Friday December 1st, all stock, vintage and handmade (excluding clearance) will be discounted 15%. Stay tuned for deeper discounts on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Christmas Time  … Read more →

Scrabble tiles ODM

O Deer Mercantile

Thanks For Sharing!Follow my blog with Bloglovin Branding by Kaylah   Kaylah’s job calls for a lot of creativity. When she has time, she plays around with different media and styles of photography.  She recently put together this scrabble tile collage for me, featuring our website and shop— O Deer Mercantile on Etsy! Follow my blog with Bloglovin Read more →

The City That Never Sleeps

The City That Never Sleeps

Thanks For Sharing!Holiday Dream-Come-True   Ever since I was a little girl, the idea of New York consumed me. “The city that never sleeps“, they called it. How convenient for me! I’ve been a bit of an insomniac my entire life. I always imagined myself living in a little brick apartment and taking taxis to the oh-so-glamorous job I was convinced I would… Read more →

Happy New Year- O Deer Mercanti;le

O Deer ~ A New Year

Thanks For Sharing!–2017–   Happy New Year From O Deer Mercantile The O Deer Mercantile team, Gwen, Gaia and Kaylah, wish you the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous New Year! It has been a crazy year for us, and we didn’t always meet the goals and get to the projects we intended, but we tried. We gave it all we… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile- Gaia's Christmas Deer

O Deer… It’s Christmas

Thanks For Sharing!Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas From our house to yours— holiday blessings and our best, brightest wishes for this day and all days! We hope that the joy and magic of Christmas fill every heart. Celebrate the Season, and be sure to remember those who aren’t so fortunate. Spread the love, and keep spreading it for the rest… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile- Gaia- Mini Plush

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #9

Thanks For Sharing!Weekly Etsy Shop Feature     Just a quick shop update for Week #9! I will check in soon with my progress on painting and organizing the workroom/office area. Hopefully by next week we will be in a position to start listing a lot of new vintage goodies on O Deer Mercantile. Today, we are featuring Gaia’s latest handmade… Read more →

Feature 8- Holiday Craft Books

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #8

Thanks For Sharing!Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature Yes— I’m calling it Feature #8 even though this is the first official weekly feature I have actually done since moving back in August. What with unpacking, painting (helping the offspring paint their rooms— I’ve just started my workroom), shopping for and updating home interior, hurricanes, yard work, etc., I am still just… Read more →

Anticipation~ Where Bloggers Create 2016

Thanks For Sharing!New Beginnings at O Deer Mercantile   Since we will soon be moving, Gaia and I wont be able to actually participate in our favorite Link Party of the year. We want to wish those who do enter into the fun all the best. We also want to thank Karen Valentine from My Dessert Cottage for deciding to host… Read more →

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #6

Thanks For Sharing!Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature Featuring Flower Crown Goat I missed last week’ s feature which would have spotlighted one or more of our vintage treasures on O Deer Mercantile. Life is moving very fast for us right now, and I will post when I have time. There is just too much happening right now to keep up… Read more →

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #5

Thanks For Sharing!Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature Featuring Mini-Plush Sitting Kitty In the LimeLight this week is adorable Purple Sitting Kitty. She was designed and sewn by O Deer Woman Gaia. Long enamored of Pokémon, plushies, fantasy art, Manga and anything to do with Anime, Gaia has been heavily influenced by these interests.  Her artistic expression and style reflect this fascination… Read more →

Upcycling a Sewing Table: A Nex Addition to the Craft Room

Upcycling a Sewing Table

Thanks For Sharing!An (Old) New Addition to the Craft Room So, a year ago or so my Grandma gave me a vintage Kenmore sewing machine, and it’s pretty dang sweet.  It’s really served me well for the past year!  The only problem I’ve had with it really was the fact that its size made it pretty awkward to store when… Read more →

Tribal Print Pink Bunny

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #3

Thanks For Sharing! Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature Welcome! We are in the #3rd week of our LimeLight feature of an item or group of products from O Deer Mercantile. In the LimeLight this week is adorable Tribal Print Pink Bunny! She was designed and sewn by O Deer Woman Gaia Robinette. Tribal Print Pink Bunny— Sweet Mini-Plush Rabbit made from… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile Weekly Feature

In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #1

Thanks For Sharing!Wednesday Weekly Shop Feature This week we are starting a new weekly feature on O Deer. We are going to choose one of the very cool items we have for sale on our Etsy Shop— O Deer Mercantile to put in the Limelight. Products in our shop range from a great selection of vintage goodies to small plush treasures handcrafted… Read more →