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Jolly Hollyday Sale

Weekly Feature #40—First ODM Shop Sale of the Holiday Season

Thanks For Sharing!Have a Jolly Hollyday! We’re stoked and we’re stocked (295+ Listings), and ready for the first shop-wide sale of the Holiday Season. From Monday November 20th through Friday December 1st, all stock, vintage and handmade (excluding clearance) will be discounted 15%. Stay tuned for deeper discounts on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Christmas Time  … Read more →

Family Room Upcycle

The Next Phase—Family Room UpCycle

Thanks For Sharing!Renovating Our Forty-Something Year Old House on a Budget It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Getting the Etsy Shop ready for the upcoming Holidays and Sales—undoing Halloween and starting to prepare for Thanksgiving— and painting that dark cave of a room we have designated the family/rec/game room. You may remember that Gaia and I undertook… Read more →

November Ruminations~ Full Moon in Taurus

November Ruminations

Thanks For Sharing!Reflecting and Finding Time as Autumn Wanes The November Full Moon in Taurus will be shining brightly tonight. Like all the full moons it’s been called different things by different cultures and in different ages. No matter what you call it, it is a lantern lighting our way into the darkest months of the year. Stare at it raptly.… Read more →

Happy Halloween 2017

Have a Happy (Fun and Safe) Halloween

Thanks For Sharing!Halloween at Home 2017   Throwback to Halloween 2016—Gaia Lots of changes, but some things (like Gaia’s fall fave Undertale Tee-Shirt with bony character Papyrus on the front) stay the same. Sweet gentle Gaia likes all things Skeletal!  Skeleton Geoff, the unfortunate victim of last week’s Murder Mystery at the Tiki Bar party, lives in Gaia’s room—usually in… Read more →

Weekly Feature #38 Dish It Up

Weekly Feature #38—Dish It Up

Thanks For Sharing!Dishes, the Good China, Plates & Bowls, Table Settings… By whatever name you call them, and from whatever material— china, porcelain, ironstone, corelle, plastic, metal, wood, etc.— these items are a household necessity. Since the caveman laid his dinner on a large leaf or flat rock, people have been using some sort of dish to serve their food. Sets of… Read more →

The Edge of the World

Murder Mystery at the Tiki Bar

Thanks For Sharing!This Year’s Themed Halloween Party Welcome to “The Edge of the World”, a waterfront Tiki Bar with a very specific clientele normally. It is a Dark and Stormy Night however, and a strange assortment of folks have sought shelter from the storm. A murder most vile has taken place, and now we must discover who among us is the… Read more →

Weekly Feature #37—Trays and Tins

Thanks For Sharing!Timeworn Treasures for Serving and Storage This week’s feature covers a wide array of styles and purposes. From the minimalist appeal of sleek lacquered Japanese serving trays to the busily attractive golden print on a chintz paper mache vanity or tea-tray also from Japan these homely items come in a variety to please all tastes. Tole painted flowers… Read more →

Autumnal Musings of a Third Millennium Shaman

Autumnal Musings of a Third Millennium Shaman

Thanks For Sharing! (This is another in my series of excerpted and updated Posts from my old, no longer active, blog A Glitch In Time. The original version of this appeared in September of 2013 and was called Confessions of a Shabby-Chic Shaman . When I started this current website and blog in tandem with the Etsy Shop and business, O Deer Mercantile, I… Read more →

Weekly Feature #35- All About That Brass

Weekly Feature #35—All About That Brass

Thanks For Sharing!Bragging About Brass It is very difficult to find an American home that does not include some piece of bric-a-brac, fixture or item of home decor made from Brass. While the warm golden metal has remained a staple of metal workers of all sorts for centuries, its popularity has risen and fell with the trends of the times. It… Read more →

Welcome to Autumn

Welcome Autumn…2017

Thanks For Sharing!Fall, Autumnal Equinox, Mabon or Harvest Festival No matter which name you apply to this day, we are marking the end of a season or cycle and the beginning of another. I have mentioned in the past, that Autumn and I have a somewhat rocky emotional history. However, more than the beginning of a new season is being… Read more →