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Happy Birthday Gaia

O Deer! It’s Gaia’s Birthday…

Thanks For Sharing!Happy Birthday to You! It’s Gaia’s birthday, so (being the proud mom that I am) I just wanted to do a short post to mark this event in her life. Born in 1994, she is celebrating her 22nd birthday. Besides being my youngest child, and therefore eternally saddled with the dubious honor of being my Baby, Gaia is a remarkable young… Read more →

Home Made Kahlua

Chocolate Kahlua Cake

Thanks For Sharing!Dark & Rich— A Weekend Dessert Spiked with Kahlua Liqueur   When I began this blog a few months ago, I promised cake, among other things. With all the busy activity involved in getting a website up and running, starting an Etsy shop, and just plain being caught up in home, garden and life, there has been little… Read more →