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Family Room Upcycle

The Next Phase—Family Room UpCycle

Thanks For Sharing!Renovating Our Forty-Something Year Old House on a Budget It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Getting the Etsy Shop ready for the upcoming Holidays and Sales—undoing Halloween and starting to prepare for Thanksgiving— and painting that dark cave of a room we have designated the family/rec/game room. You may remember that Gaia and I undertook… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile- Home Christmas Decor 2016

We Wish You…. A Merry Christmas

Thanks For Sharing!Happy Holidays We at O-Deer are wishing all of you the best and happiest this Holiday Season. We Wish You the Very Merriest Christmas! As the holiday (on a weekend this year!!!)quickly approaches, I am winding up in the cooking, baking, wrapping, socializing areas, and getting ready to wind down the web sites, the Etsy Shop, and most of… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile - Christmas Vignette on Pie Safe

A Taste of Christmas Tradition

Thanks For Sharing!Baking Giant Snickerdoodles Every family has their traditions, the little events and rituals that truly define the Holiday Season for them. Like many others, we have Christmas customs that we repeat nearly every year. While some things change with time and circumstance, others stay blessedly the same, lending us a continuity that may just follow from one generation… Read more →

Welcoming Autumn

An Autumn State of Mind

Thanks For Sharing!Welcoming Fall in a New Home   I know that it has been way too long since I posted! I haven’t even had the wherewithal to do a LimeLight weekly feature from our Etsy Shop. Kaylah, our very busy young adult O Deer woman, took up the slack for me by Stopping by to Say Hello! recently, and I do… Read more →

Happy Birthday Gaia

O Deer! It’s Gaia’s Birthday…

Thanks For Sharing!Happy Birthday to You! It’s Gaia’s birthday, so (being the proud mom that I am) I just wanted to do a short post to mark this event in her life. Born in 1994, she is celebrating her 22nd birthday. Besides being my youngest child, and therefore eternally saddled with the dubious honor of being my Baby, Gaia is a remarkable young… Read more →

Rosemary in the Window!

Herban Renewal February—Rosemary

Thanks For Sharing!The Herb of Remembrance     With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, and Florida’s version of winter in full swing, I am hunkering down indoors to avoid the cold (30s at night—50s during the day) and blustery wind. I am not a fan of cold weather. I suppose it is fortunate that our Florida winter comes along… Read more →


Anatomy of a Christmas Tree

Thanks For Sharing!(Ornament Appreciation) It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well it  sometimes gets below 75 degrees now, and the city lights have all been decorated with wreaths and ribbons.  If you look, you’ll probably spot more than one palm tree festooned with lights. Happy Holidays in Florida! Despite the fact that my home state is the least Christmas-y of all,… Read more →

Thankful for All of You

Thanks For Sharing!Thanksgiving Dessert Chalkboard Sign  During this busy season when many of us are preparing for one of the loveliest Family Holidays of all, we at O Deer Mercantile want to wish all of you a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite days of the year. I always look forward to what is, for us, a… Read more →

Making Spiced Pear Vodka

Spiced Pear Vodka

Thanks For Sharing!Infusing Vodka with the Flavor of Fall   Back in late August, I allowed as how there was a bumper crop of Sand Pears and listed a few things I had in mind to make with them. Time gets away from me, and though I made some tasty desserts with them, I didn’t get around to making the pear… Read more →

Autumn Table

Shifting Gear in Fall

Thanks For Sharing!Finding My Inner Rustic, Pumpkin Spiced, Apple Crusted, Gilded Self… Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy, not only all of the decor and devices that symbolize our headlong rush into Fall and then into the Holiday Season, but also observing the prevailing trends, styles and other pop-culture markers that indicate the direction of the collective consciousness. Though in the past… Read more →

First Day of Fall

Fall as Told by Kaylah

Thanks For Sharing!  Signs of The Season Change Living in Florida, the signs of Autumn are scarce— the slight temperature change only trickling into our Sunshine State, leaving us now at a *crisp* 81 degrees. The smell of the Cinnamon Stick branches Publix begins to sell in mid-September, and the discarded ‘pumpkin spice latte’ Starbucks cups littering the ground are… Read more →

Falling for Autumn

Falling for Autumn

Thanks For Sharing!Embracing the Autumnal Equinox—Florida Style As of a few hours ago, it is officially Autumn. The Fall Season and I have a history, and it is not necessarily a good one. I admire the turning of the seasons, love the warm colors that symbolize it, adore pumpkins and even like the surfeit of pumpkin spice goodies in moderation once… Read more →

Fresh Tomato Pie

When Life Gives You Tomatoes…

Thanks For Sharing!Make a Tomato Pie! My Mom and Step-Dad returned from their vacation home in Western North Carolina earlier this week, and as is often the case, they returned with goodies from their favorite Dillard, Georgia produce market, Osage Farm. It’s only about a half hour away from their house in NC, so they visit often when they are… Read more →