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Celebrate Our Mother!

Observing a Day— Honoring Our Planet

Thanks For Sharing!Earth Day 2016   Earth Day is a day set aside to emphasize the environmental issues that our planet is facing—in large part because of the less than conscientious stewardship of the human race. Hopefully, it is a time to recognize that our planet is a living, breathing system of immense complexity that requires action on our part… Read more →

Rosemary in the Window!

Herban Renewal February—Rosemary

Thanks For Sharing!The Herb of Remembrance     With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, and Florida’s version of winter in full swing, I am hunkering down indoors to avoid the cold (30s at night—50s during the day) and blustery wind. I am not a fan of cold weather. I suppose it is fortunate that our Florida winter comes along… Read more →

Falling for Autumn

Falling for Autumn

Thanks For Sharing!Embracing the Autumnal Equinox—Florida Style As of a few hours ago, it is officially Autumn. The Fall Season and I have a history, and it is not necessarily a good one. I admire the turning of the seasons, love the warm colors that symbolize it, adore pumpkins and even like the surfeit of pumpkin spice goodies in moderation once… Read more →

Catnip- Summer Shade Garden

Herban Renewal July— Catnip

Thanks For Sharing!Nepeta Cataria: Commonly known as Catnip Catnip is a favorite herb of mine. I have grown it for years. It is, when left to its own devices a large and sprawling plant, which will spread quite readily if not restrained. Classified as a herbaceous perennial, it is not long-lived, but self seeds readily, so once you have it, it… Read more →

Wicker Sofa as Plant Shelf

Lazy Summer Musings

Thanks For Sharing!Slacking in June I have been busy (I realize here that I am always busy— sometimes it becomes a matter of degree). I had not really planned a post for today, but I am a little incensed, or perhaps just a shade annoyed. Again, it comes down to degree. I really do wish to post more often than… Read more →

Got a Plan- Get Organized

Spring Garden— Getting Organized

Thanks For Sharing!  Got a Garden Plan: Get Organized   April is really flying by. Has it already been two and a half weeks since the Big Easter Egg Hunt—the family fun and great food that went along with it? While I realize that we are just a month into calendar Spring, here in Florida it already seems like Summer… Read more →

Dill blooming by back fence. Dragon Crossing sign.

Herban Renewal April—Dill

Thanks For Sharing!Blooming in the Garden Now Living in sunny Florida as we do, there is nearly always something in bloom. Even in the winter, petunias, nasturtiums and snapdragons glowed with color in the garden. I have had a herb garden pretty much everywhere I have ever lived, and when we moved here, one of the first things Gaia and I… Read more →

Making a plan for spring chores in garden 2015

The Garden in Spring—Time to Make a Plan

Thanks For Sharing!Taking Time to Plan in a Busy Season I am the first to admit that organization does not come naturally to me. Over the years, I have learned the value of this life-skill though, and have cultivated the trait. I do my best to incorporate tactics that will ease the organization of my home and work, simplifying and… Read more →

Sun marker-- Welcome to the Garden.

Herban Renewal

Thanks For Sharing!   Herbs—The Homely Plants   Just in case people across this mostly frozen country aren’t jonesing for Spring’s arrival already, I thought that I would add this gallery of pictures of some of my herbs, past and present. To say that I have been a bit crazy about these plants for most of my life is putting… Read more →