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Family Room Upcycle

The Next Phase—Family Room UpCycle

Thanks For Sharing!Renovating Our Forty-Something Year Old House on a Budget It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Getting the Etsy Shop ready for the upcoming Holidays and Sales—undoing Halloween and starting to prepare for Thanksgiving— and painting that dark cave of a room we have designated the family/rec/game room. You may remember that Gaia and I undertook… Read more →

November Ruminations~ Full Moon in Taurus

November Ruminations

Thanks For Sharing!Reflecting and Finding Time as Autumn Wanes The November Full Moon in Taurus will be shining brightly tonight. Like all the full moons it’s been called different things by different cultures and in different ages. No matter what you call it, it is a lantern lighting our way into the darkest months of the year. Stare at it raptly.… Read more →

Happy Halloween 2017

Have a Happy (Fun and Safe) Halloween

Thanks For Sharing!Halloween at Home 2017   Throwback to Halloween 2016—Gaia Lots of changes, but some things (like Gaia’s fall fave Undertale Tee-Shirt with bony character Papyrus on the front) stay the same. Sweet gentle Gaia likes all things Skeletal!  Skeleton Geoff, the unfortunate victim of last week’s Murder Mystery at the Tiki Bar party, lives in Gaia’s room—usually in… Read more →

The Edge of the World

Murder Mystery at the Tiki Bar

Thanks For Sharing!This Year’s Themed Halloween Party Welcome to “The Edge of the World”, a waterfront Tiki Bar with a very specific clientele normally. It is a Dark and Stormy Night however, and a strange assortment of folks have sought shelter from the storm. A murder most vile has taken place, and now we must discover who among us is the… Read more →

Irma 2017- Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

Thanks For Sharing!We Hope Hope Floats Hello all! I really wasn’t ready for one of the most destructive hurricanes ever on record to be moseying in our general direction. While it is still conceivable that the storm may track in a more northerly direction while it is still farther east of us, that likelihood grows less with every passing hour.… Read more →

Going With The (Work) Flow

Going With The (Work) Flow

Thanks For Sharing!Tips and Tools No Woman is an island… and the same is true of the Blogger and Small Business owner. It takes a lot of different tools, From computer to mobile phone to camera equipment; from software to website accounts to apps. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Organization is necessary (something I eternally struggle with,… Read more →

Pursuing Happiness

Chasing The Intangible—Is Being Happy That Important?

Thanks For Sharing!  (This is another in my series of excerpted and updated Posts from my old blog A Glitch In Time. This one was called “Pursuing Happiness” originally appearing in March of 2013.) Pursuing Happiness ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is a well-known phrase written into the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence. What a very loaded… Read more →

Happy Independence Day!

O Deer— It’s Independence Day

Thanks For Sharing!Have a Star Spangled 4th of July O     The O Deer Mercantile Women are wishing a happy and safe holiday to all. Whether it’s the beach, picnic, BBQ or other gathering, always remember to use common sense and care. And enjoy the Fireworks. Have a great Holiday! Till next time! All the best…. Read more →

Baby Gwen & Dad

Florida Memories

Thanks For Sharing!  Note: Today’s Post is another from the archive of my former Blogger Blog, “A Glitch in Time”, that I recently took offline.  My Father passed away in December, 2015. I wrote the following Post in June, 2013 for him on the occasion of his Birthday and Fathers Day. This will be the second anniversary of his Birthday since… Read more →

Sales Map in Work Room

Notes and an Homage to Our Beautiful Planet

Thanks For Sharing!World Environment Day June 5th 2017 Today is World Environment Day. It is day set aside to encourage everyone to become involved with our planet, her plight and to go outside, to take action and imitative. This year’s theme is ‘Connecting People to Nature’. Everyone is encouraged to get outside and connect with nature. Most of us live near… Read more →

We Live Inside a Miracle...

Earth Day #47—Listen to Your Mother

Thanks For Sharing!Earth Day…April 22nd 2017   This is what we need to remember on Earth Day, and each day—the very complex, interconnected and interdependent, ecosystem we live in is A Miracle.  It is a miracle of breathtaking beauty, amazing diversity, magnificent complexity and awesome intricacy. It is a Miracle it has survived the abuses heaped upon it by the human… Read more →