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Family Room Upcycle

The Next Phase—Family Room UpCycle

Thanks For Sharing!Renovating Our Forty-Something Year Old House on a Budget It has been a busy couple of weeks around here. Getting the Etsy Shop ready for the upcoming Holidays and Sales—undoing Halloween and starting to prepare for Thanksgiving— and painting that dark cave of a room we have designated the family/rec/game room. You may remember that Gaia and I undertook… Read more →

Going With The (Work) Flow

Going With The (Work) Flow

Thanks For Sharing!Tips and Tools No Woman is an island… and the same is true of the Blogger and Small Business owner. It takes a lot of different tools, From computer to mobile phone to camera equipment; from software to website accounts to apps. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Organization is necessary (something I eternally struggle with,… Read more →

Changing WordPress Themes

Changing a WordPress Theme

Thanks For Sharing!Changing Themes Mid-Stream It seems that spring brings on the urge for change, not just weather-wise, but in all aspects of life. It is a time of beginnings, of fresh outlooks and expectations. If indeed, it is the season of Rebirth, than perhaps it is also the time to reinvent ourselves and our surroundings. It has been over… Read more →