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Baby Gwen & Dad

Florida Memories

Thanks For Sharing!  Note: Today’s Post is another from the archive of my former Blogger Blog, “A Glitch in Time”, that I recently took offline.  My Father passed away in December, 2015. I wrote the following Post in June, 2013 for him on the occasion of his Birthday and Fathers Day. This will be the second anniversary of his Birthday since… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile - Gaia Pumpkin art in autunm vignette

Thankful For…

Thanks For Sharing! Counting Our Blessings in 2016   As we look forward to a traditional (for us) family Thanksgiving this Thursday, and the upcoming Holiday Season, I will allow myself to slow down for a few moments to reflect, to take stock of all we are blessed with as the end of this tumultuous year nears. I have much to… Read more →

Father’s Day 2016

Thanks For Sharing!Remembering I would like to take this opportunity to wish all you Dads out there a very happy Father’s Day! For my family, this is our first Father’s Day without Dad (Papa to all of his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the one great, great— little Gracie!). We miss him so! It is a doubly emotional weekend because Friday would… Read more →

Happy Birthday Gaia

O Deer! It’s Gaia’s Birthday…

Thanks For Sharing!Happy Birthday to You! It’s Gaia’s birthday, so (being the proud mom that I am) I just wanted to do a short post to mark this event in her life. Born in 1994, she is celebrating her 22nd birthday. Besides being my youngest child, and therefore eternally saddled with the dubious honor of being my Baby, Gaia is a remarkable young… Read more →

Designing a New Life

Paint Chips

Thanks For Sharing!It’s 10:52 PM And all I can think about are paint chips…   Maybe because paint chips are the least stressful thing I can think of right now. I’ve been off work (Job #2) for a couple of hours, I have the day off tomorrow, and I am currently lying underneath a ridiculously fuzzy blanket. So why am I so… Read more →

Comfort and Joy

Tidings of Comfort and Joy…

Thanks For Sharing!Coping With Loss During the Holiday Season  It has still been less than a year since we started the O~Deer Website and a very hectic seven months since we opened the just-starting-to-take-off O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop. I had grand plans for our first holiday season in this still new online home, and even with my inclinations toward procrastination… Read more →

Almost All-Hallows Eve

Thanks For Sharing!Have a Happy Halloween! No regular post this week— I am less than 24 hours from our annual All-Hallows Eve Barn Party and I am spread too thin. Besides my regular work and chores, there has been a barn to clean and decorate, and the yard to ready for the pitter-patter of the small thundering herd of grandchildren who… Read more →

Lyss Shower Card Basket

Welcoming Gracie!

Thanks For Sharing!Extending Family Ties Even as everyone seems to be welcoming Fall in such a rush, the late summer has brought busy times for those of us at O Deer Mercantile. The first Saturday in September was the Wedding Celebration for my sweet nephew Steven and his lovely bride, Megan. It was (after a flurry of rearranging due to rainy… Read more →