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Weekly Feature #39 - Baskets

Weekly Feature #39— Versatile Useful Beautiful Baskets

Thanks For Sharing! A Basket For Every Need and Style There is nothing more homely, more utilitarian and useful than the humble basket. Yet, these ubiquitous objects have achieved such grace and beauty of form and function that they have been elevated to fill a niche of self-expression and style in our homes. Baskets have been around nearly ten thousand years… Read more →

Weekly Feature #38 Dish It Up

Weekly Feature #38—Dish It Up

Thanks For Sharing!Dishes, the Good China, Plates & Bowls, Table Settings… By whatever name you call them, and from whatever material— china, porcelain, ironstone, corelle, plastic, metal, wood, etc.— these items are a household necessity. Since the caveman laid his dinner on a large leaf or flat rock, people have been using some sort of dish to serve their food. Sets of… Read more →