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A Prim Christmas Craft

Thanks For Sharing!Making Lime and Orange Pomanders [aka Citrus Acupuncture] With the busy holiday season approaching, and thoughts of how we are going to Deck the Halls on all our minds, the O Deer women gathered together to plan our seasonal schedule and indulge in a little old-fashioned Christmas crafting. Though I haven’t made them in years, I have made pomanders— the… Read more →

Skate Shop

Hello Internet!

Thanks For Sharing! I’m Kaylah… This is my fist blog post on O Deer, so I’ll begin by saying hello and telling you the basics about myself— I am a young adult working as a waitress at a local diner, trying to earn money for college, a car, my next tattoo… You know, the important stuff. I have two cat children,… Read more →