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Weekly Feature #39 - Baskets

Weekly Feature #39— Versatile Useful Beautiful Baskets

Thanks For Sharing! A Basket For Every Need and Style There is nothing more homely, more utilitarian and useful than the humble basket. Yet, these ubiquitous objects have achieved such grace and beauty of form and function that they have been elevated to fill a niche of self-expression and style in our homes. Baskets have been around nearly ten thousand years… Read more →

Weekly Feature #38 Dish It Up

Weekly Feature #38—Dish It Up

Thanks For Sharing!Dishes, the Good China, Plates & Bowls, Table Settings… By whatever name you call them, and from whatever material— china, porcelain, ironstone, corelle, plastic, metal, wood, etc.— these items are a household necessity. Since the caveman laid his dinner on a large leaf or flat rock, people have been using some sort of dish to serve their food. Sets of… Read more →

Weekly Feature #35- All About That Brass

Weekly Feature #35—All About That Brass

Thanks For Sharing!Bragging About Brass It is very difficult to find an American home that does not include some piece of bric-a-brac, fixture or item of home decor made from Brass. While the warm golden metal has remained a staple of metal workers of all sorts for centuries, its popularity has risen and fell with the trends of the times. It… Read more →

Weekly Feature #33

Weekly Feature #33— Beginning to Look Like A Christmas Sale

Thanks For Sharing!Whats Red, Green and White?   Christmas in August, of course! There’s still another week left in our Holly Jolly Summer Christmas Sale. And I’m adding some neat new/old Christmas items to the shop just in time to take advantage of the 17% off discount on all Holiday merchandise. Just enter code KRISKRINGLE at checkout to take advantage of this special.… Read more →

Weekly Feature #32—Vintage Glassware

Thanks For Sharing!  Drink Up… A Toast to Vintage Glasses As I have said before, I love vintage and antique glass. Whether crystal, depression-ware, mid century barware or an old mason jar. It all calls to me like few other objects can. I have listed several new sets of various types and sizes of glassware on the shop this week,… Read more →

Weekly Feature #29-- Wood You Look At That

Weekly Feature #29—Wood You Look At That

Thanks For Sharing!From Prim To Tiki… Wooden Vintage   Wood, along with such items as animal bones and skins, stone and clay, was one of the earliest materials used by humankind to make things for home and hearth. Carved wooden vessels have been dated back to Neolithic times. The beauty and durability of wood make it as popular for household… Read more →

Weekly Feature #27—The Pine-Apple of My Eye

Thanks For Sharing!  Hospitality, Welcome & Wealth Pineapples have long been symbols of Hospitality and Welcome. The first recorded encounter of Europeans with the fruit was written by Christopher Columbus. On that famous second voyage to the New World, his flotilla dropped anchor and landed on the small Carribean Island now called Guadaloupe where they were served pineapple for the first… Read more →

Glitter shakers

Weekly Feature #26—Salt and Pepper Shakers

Thanks For Sharing!Homely, Ordinary, Innocuous or Exquisite… Nothing is more commonplace or more universally used than the humble salt and pepper shaker. Nearly every household has several sets and they grace the tables in every cafe, restaurant, inn and fast food joint in the USA. However, the variety of colors, shapes, sizes, styles and manufacturing materials these come in is… Read more →

Feature #23 Milk Glass

Weekly Feature #23—Milk Glass

Thanks For Sharing!Birthday Party! We will be celebrating throughout the month. Use code: VINTAGENIRVANA for a 20% discount on all sales over $10 for the entire month of May. Wild About White   I never set out to collect milk glass. Like so many things in a thrifter/picker/junker/shop curator’s life, it sort of snuck up on me. There are pieces of… Read more →

O Deer Mercantile Second Anniversary

O Deer ~ We’re Turning Two!

Thanks For Sharing!O Deer Mercantile is Celebrating its Second Anniversary in May Yes! We are so excited. This month marks the second anniversary of our Etsy Shop O Deer Mercantile.  We’ll be celebrating all month. Stay tuned for fun additions to the shop and a big sale. Twenty percent off of all purchases over $10 for the entire month using… Read more →

Vintage Candle Holders- Night Lights

Weekly Feature #22—Vintage Candle Holders

Thanks For Sharing!Night Lights… Candle Holders and Candelabrum    Candlelit Nothing is more romantic than candle light. Through the years, these humble wax cylinders have gone from a house-keeping necessity to an indulgent luxury. Candles come in many shapes, forms and even materials, though wax is still most common. They are scented, colored, carved and dipped, among many other things.  The… Read more →