Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

We Hope Hope Floats

Irma 2017- Déjà Vu of the Hurricane Kind

Hello all! I really wasn’t ready for one of the most destructive hurricanes ever on record to be moseying in our general direction. While it is still conceivable that the storm may track in a more northerly direction while it is still farther east of us, that likelihood grows less with every passing hour. We are hoping for the best, but preparing for a lot less than that. Our prayers and healing energy are with those who have already been impacted by this monster storm, and those that will be over the next several days.

There will be no shop updates this week or any Weekly Feature. I have been occupied with trying to secure supplies in the event we are without water and power again as we were last year after Matthew. It is very different this year than last. That other hurricane is still too fresh in our minds, and the signs of its passage—from tarps on roofs still not replaced, to fences not repaired or replaced, and signs still missing on many area businesses— the scars from Matthew are plain to see. And, our news has been filled with the heartbreaking stories coming out of Texas after its encounter with Harvey. There is an air of mostly quiet panic buzzing over our area of Florida (and, I am sure, in many other places). Many have left and many more will over the next two days. The rest of us will hunker down, and wait.

I will fill orders on the Etsy Shop tomorrow, and Saturday, if still possible, but any after that may have to wait until some sort of normalcy can return to our town and state. I have no way of knowing how long that will be. 

Backyard- Before Irma
A Beautiful Florida Summer Day… Hard to believe we are expecting a storm in 72 hours or so.

So yes, I am having a profound attack of déjà vu just now. Tomorrow we will start the job of making the house and yard as safe as we can, and volunteer to help any friends or family members that need assistance. Wish us luck.

Blessings. Till next time….