Earth Day #47—Listen to Your Mother

Earth Day…April 22nd 2017


We Live Inside a Miracle...

This is what we need to remember on Earth Day, and each day—the very complex, interconnected and interdependent, ecosystem we live in is A Miracle

It is a miracle of breathtaking beauty, amazing diversity, magnificent complexity and awesome intricacy. It is a Miracle it has survived the abuses heaped upon it by the human race.

However, I climbed up on my soapbox with my Earth Day 2016 post, and everything I said last year is still pretty much apropos. Though our current generation is the best educated and most ecologically aware yet, there is still so far to go. While recycling, repurposing and reusing make more sense than ever, and are becoming more mainstream ideas, we need to do much more to stem the tide of consumerism and mass consumption that is stripping this planet of its resources. And very shortly, we are going to have to take a good, long look at our explosive population growth and its implications for the Earth and for us all.

Whether you see the Earth as a magnificently functioning ecosystem, as Mother Goddess, or just as Home, the fact that It/She is a living being can’t be denied any longer. We need to care for our planetary Home just as we do our houses and habitations. It is high time we Clean House and undertake some much needed renovations and repairs.

What started in 1970 with a bunch of tree-hugging hippies and eccentric back-to-landers and Homesteaders has become a movement that is slowly changing the consciousness of a world. Join in on Earth Day and all Days. And be sure to check out the Earth Day Network website.


Blessings— and a thoughtful and beautiful Earth Day to you all!

Till next time…