Fall as Told by Kaylah


Fall in Daytona Beach, FL
First day of Fall in Daytona Beach, FL. ~ Sept. 23rd 2015

Signs of The Season Change

Living in Florida, the signs of Autumn are scarce— the slight temperature change only trickling into our Sunshine State, leaving us now at a *crisp* 81 degrees. The smell of the Cinnamon Stick branches Publix begins to sell in mid-September, and the discarded ‘pumpkin spice latte’ Starbucks cups littering the ground are redolent of the season change for us. These sights and a few others are what tips off any native Floridian that, “Oh hey, it’s Fall.” Unfortunately for me, I am still naive to this false promise of cooler air, and the propaganda that consuming everything pumpkin-flavored will make me feel more seasonal. Ahhh the problems of a sometimes-basic-girl. But, I digress. I still go along with the time of year via home decor (Hello Target dollar section!) So below, I have created a gallery of some ways I symbolize late September-mid November in my room. Pretty mediocre, along with some quick DIY, but hey, I’m on a hostess’ budget!

To wrap up this quick blog post up, I just want to include my final wishes for the future. Fall is my absolute favorite season, which is pretty ironic considering I have never experienced a real Autumn (That I remember anyhow.) I’ve been a Florida girl for nearly my whole life and I’m ready for a change. Unlike a good portion of the United States population, I am over the beach. I am tired of the hot weather and the palm trees. I’m ready for real seasonal changes and fuzzy jackets. I’m ready to hear the crunch of brown leaves underneath my feet. Once I learn how to successfully ‘adult’, (Oh yes, it’s a verb in my generation.) I plan on leaving this state, or country for that matter, to find somewhere I belong. Or maybe I belong nowhere in particular. I’ll never know until I do some traveling. Wow, I get off track fast. Anyhow, to commemorate the first day of fall, I took some pictures with leaves. Cute right?

First Day of Fall
First Day of Fall~ Sept. 23rd, 2015