Happy 1st Birthday O Deer Mercantile!

We’re Celebrating Our First Year in Business

O Deer Mercantile: Celebrating 1st Birthday

We are so excited! This week marks the first Birthday for our Etsy shop O Deer Mercantile— a milestone that I wasn’t sure we would reach at times during this past year. In other words, there have been bumps, twists and turns on the road, etc., etc. We still don’t exactly have it all together, but we are lots closer, and occasionally the light on the horizon becomes visible.

Yay… We Made it to the 1st Birthday

Like many of the endeavors I have undertaken in the past, this one is yet to go in the direction I originally had in mind when I began it. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am doing something I enjoy immensely— tracking down and curating a collection of fun vintage items for our shop. Have I said that I love to Thrift, to Junque, to sift through the second-hand and overlooked? Well, I do and I have. At this very moment I am sitting in a room full of pre-owned treasure waiting to move through the process—check-in, research, being added to inventory, cleaned up, photographed, and finally listed in the Etsy shop. A lot of work goes into each and every piece before it ever shows up online. I have long been a collector and preserver of vintage and antique items, and I knew a bit about it, but nothing compared to what I have learned in a year of searching, looking up, tracking down and reading about all sorts of old Stuff. Like I said, I am enjoying myself.

Odeer Mercantile 1st Birthday

I have decided, at least for the present, to phase my hand-made jewelry out of the shop. Truth be told, the vintage sells better, and I just don’t have the time it takes to create new pieces, along with keeping up the business part of the business, the website, the social media, the house and yard and garden, and all the other things that overfill my life. My partner and beloved daughter, Gaia, is a Godsend. I certainly couldn’t do all this alone (and wouldn’t really want to). She is learning more about the business end of things all the time, and helps with all the chores as well. However, she is very introverted, and I have a hard time motivating her to take a more active role in promoting our business through the website and social media. I know that she sometimes feels I am being pushy, but I keep encouraging her to connect more anyway.

Her sweet plushes, dolls and cloth brooches represent a lot more work than their diminutive size and cheerful photos would indicate. Gaia designs each one, from sketch, to drawing out the patterns, sewing and finishing with embroidery and ribbon. She is a perfectionist, and impossible to hurry through her process. Aside from all that, she is the artist responsible for our adorable Deer used in logos, graphic images and other promotional materials.

The third member of our little crew, granddaughter Kaylah, hopes to take a more active role in the future, but she is busy trying out Adulting just now, and working (and playing) hard. We do look forward to more lovely photos of her adventures, and the fun and sometimes insightful blog posts she contributes.

I have rambled on, but I truly am grateful to our customers, our followers, and those who have come along with us on any part of this first year journey. Thank you all. 

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Odeer Mercantile 1st Birthday