Happy (Chinese) New Year

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2017~ The Year of the Rooster

So—why not take the opportunity to celebrate another New Year. Reading all the information about Chinese Astrology is quite interesting. I have learned this morning that the Rooster (actually just traditionally a chicken or fowl) is the only bird in the cycle of 12 animals that symbolize the Chinese calendar years. It is the tenth animal, following Monkey and preceding Dog. In addition to the precession  of Animal Symbols, each year is also designated with one of Five Elements. This year is Fire Rooster, and it has been sixty years since the last occurrence of this particular combination. 



The Fire Rooster is Trustworthy, with a strong sense of responsibility at work. Sounds good… 

There are all sorts of websites where you can find out your own Chinese Astrological sign and element, and get a Horoscope for the year to come. I checked out The Chinese Zodiac on China HIghlights this morning and Travel China Guide’s Chinese Zodiac Page. 

My year was a Year of the Horse and the Element Wood. The two sites seemed to conflict somewhat on what this means. One said that people under my sign and element are “Irritable and sentimental, with an abundant imagination and insightful analyses of issues” while the other said I am a  “Born leader and decision maker, with rich imagination and penetrating opinions.” I expect they more or less say the same thing, but I prefer the wording of the latter  😀 

There was also, and I am sure this is a matter of interpretation as well, some seeming disagreement on the shape of the year to come for me. However, the combined overview for the year was pretty positive. I’ll take what I can get. Additionally, some pretty cool people like Aretha Franklin, Sandra Day O’Connor, Barbara Streisand, Denzel Washington, Harrison Ford,  Jackie Chan,  Jerry Seinfeld,  John Travolta, Paul McCartney, Rembrandt, Emma Watson and Genghis Khan were also born in Years of the Horse.

I hope you have a great Chinese New Year, and a wonderful weekend! Talk to you again soon…