Happy Thanksgiving From O Deer Mercantile

Thankful For…

Thankful For...

Today’s post will be short, and I hope, Sweet! I am Thankful for another year of ups, downs, sickness, health, tragedy and rejoicing. For life is inevitably made up of all of these and more. Last year I wrote a post called Thankful For… and listed all of the reasons. All of those reasons still stand.

It has been a year that has rocked us to the core. So much disaster and violence. And, so many examples of the human spirit rising above and beyond to lend a hand, to succor, and to pray. So, I believe that we still need to count our blessing, hold our loved ones close, and realize that no matter what, we will endure.

I am going to finish this up and go begin preparation for our family Thanksgiving. We will eat too much, talk a lot, and share a great deal of Love. That is what we wish for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Gwen, Gaia and Kaylah!


Happy Thanksgiving (Picture by Gaia Robinette)

Happy Pilgrims courtesy Of Gaia Robinette