Have a Happy (Fun and Safe) Halloween

Halloween at Home 2017

Happy Halloween 2017


Throwback to Halloween 2016—Gaia

Lots of changes, but some things (like Gaia’s fall fave Undertale Tee-Shirt with bony character Papyrus on the front) stay the same. Sweet gentle Gaia likes all things Skeletal!  Skeleton Geoff, the unfortunate victim of last week’s Murder Mystery at the Tiki Bar party, lives in Gaia’s room—usually in the closet. In fact, if we go way back to our previous home and Gaia’s post for Where Bloggers Create, you will find Geoff sitting in a chair if you look closely through her photos. Notice the skull motif on the new leggings she is wearing in photo above. This also indicates that the weather is cooler than it was last year at this time. 

Vintage Ghost

We are ready for tonight’s [onslaught of] Trick or Treaters. I say that, tongue-in-cheek, because last year we had a total of about Three. Now, mind you, that is three more Trick or Treaters than we had hosted at our home in the previous decade. There were valid reasons for that though. Our previous residences were rural—we moved from a North Carolina woodland cabin to a gated residence ten miles out-of-town here in Florida. When we moved to a neighborhood in Ormond Beach last year, we expected droves of costumed visitors. 

It was just a short time after a major Hurricane. The street light nearest us was out of commission for months afterward, making this section of the street very dark. I didn’t know about the Neighborhood web site’s Trick or Treat map either. I am signed up this year, and once again we will turn on the outside lights and see who visits.


Prim Cat and Kittens

Having had our Halloween party early this year because several family members are away on a Mediterranean Cruise ( 🙁 ) this week and didn’t want to miss the party, the day itself is sort of an afterthought. I was decorated well ahead of time, and until yesterday when Gaia and I decided to make jack-o-lanterns, it was little on my mind.

We had a lot of fun doing the pumpkins. And now we are quite prepared for whatever the evening brings. We will probably pull out some of Gaia’s collection of Witch Hats from years gone by and dress up spookily, just in case some small ghouls, ghosts, princesses, or other costumed creatures venture up our brick walk and ring at the door.

Just in case anyone has forgotten how to apply themselves to the ancient art of gourd or pumpkin carving, pictures follow…



Pumpkin Carving Tutorial 

Happy Haunting! Until next time…

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Happy Halloween