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I’m Kaylah…

Long Silhouette
Long Silhouette

 This is my fist blog post on O Deer Mercantile, so I’ll begin by saying hello and telling you the basics about myself— I am a young adult working as a waitress at a local diner, trying to earn money for college, a car, my next tattoo… You know, the important stuff.

I have two cat children, Ollie and Bella, who I’m sure I will be mentioning in future posts. I’ve been an artistic gal my whole life, dabbling in a little of everything, from drawing and writing as a child, videography and dance tech in high school, and most recently photography. As this is my first business pursuit in the creative field, I am a bit indecisive as to what medium I would like to pursue entirely.  More than likely I will be creating one of a kind Instax Prints and my original sketches. However, I am sure I will be randomly throwing out other handmade items, because I will probably never be fully satisfied sticking to one direction in my life (Certainly that is the Gemini in me.)

Be ready to expect the unexpected I suppose! I know that I have to live life on my toes, considering I never know when I will surprise even myself. At least half of my piercings and hair colors can be explained by my spontaneity. It’s certainly an exciting way to live life anyway!

Oh goodness, I’m off track now! Anywho, my grandmother has pretty much got my personality down to the dot on my introduction page, so I won’t bother you with that.

If you’d like to follow my creative endeavors you can follow me on my Instagram page, @spacecatontherun.

I am going to share just a few of my photographs today. For more information, Contact Us.

Thanks for the read!