Herban Renewal

Sun marker-- Welcome to the Garden.

 Herbs—The Homely Plants

Just in case people across this mostly frozen country aren’t jonesing for Spring’s arrival already, I thought that I would add this gallery of pictures of some of my herbs, past and present.

To say that I have been a bit crazy about these plants for most of my life is putting it mildly. I began buying books on growing and using herbs when I was still in high school, and had my first real herb garden on a small homestead in rural Wisconsin.

Early Spring Homestead
Herb Garden with stone pathways- early spring of 1982 in wisconsin.

The picture at right was taken in very early spring. Excuse the quality of this photo but it is a scan of one taken some thirteen years ago. I gathered the stone used for the pathways from a rocky ridge that ran toward the back of our property and hauled it to the garden in a wheel barrow. I sourced plants from mail-order catalogs all over the country, and had some sixty or seventy different cultivars as I expanded the garden every year. It was a labor of love, and one of the hardest parts about leaving that small farm behind.

In the years since, I have planted and grown many gardens, and left them behind when I moved on. I still unabashedly love herbs the best of all my plants. Even if I never used one in the kitchen or medicinally, I would grow them for their colors, their textures, and most of all for the heady scents that one only encounters in the herb garden. To brush against basil or rosemary is akin to heaven for my olfactory senses, and in their myriad shapes and forms these homely plants always delight me. Here are just a few favorites from recent years…