In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #6

Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature

Weekly Feature 6

Featuring Flower Crown Goat

I missed last week’ s feature which would have spotlighted one or more of our vintage treasures on O Deer Mercantile. Life is moving very fast for us right now, and I will post when I have time. There is just too much happening right now to keep up with. However, I will try to keep up with this regular feature.

In the LimeLight this week is this amazing little goat mini-plush. He was designed and sewn by O Deer co-owner , VP and all around wonder woman, Gaia. He is almost too cute to describe, but we will try!

O Deer Mercantile Weekly Feature
O Deer Mercantile

Flower Crown Goat: Cute Mini Plush with Hand Embroidered Features and Ribbon Flower Crown

Price: $15.00

This fuzzy little goat sports a crown of flowers. His body is made with faux fur fabric, and his horns and ears are made from cotton fabrics. His face and legs are hand embroidered. The flower crown is made of ribbon and can be removed (the trick is to put it on or take it off one horn at a time). He is 3 1/2 inches tall (counting the horns), 4 1/2 inches wide from ear-tip to ear-tip, and 2 1/2 inches long. He sits up on his own and would make a very cute decoration for a shelf, desk, etc.


Gaia and I have long been fans of goats in all their gregarious cuteness. At the farmer’s market, we admire them and pet them, and have even at times considered getting some. However, our schedules have been such that caring for these active animals might be too much. Goats seem to be everywhere on the internet and social media these days. We are avid followers of Goats of Anarchy. Their tagline reads, Farm Animals are Family, Not Food. Catch their amazing feed on Instagram, and check out GOA tee-shirts on their Etsy Shop (nothing listed currently). We have also enjoyed watching the amazing videos on Instagram of Yoga Girl doing her workout with pet goat Penny Lane who, by the way, has her own Instagram at

So, in the midst of all this Goat Love, Gaia has contributed this adorable homage to Goatness. We hope you enjoy. He would love to find a home with one of you. His flower crowned sister has already been shipped off to her forever home, and he is a bit jealous.

Till next time…

Spring Lamb going to a new Home!