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Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature

Metal Ware on O Deer Mercantile

Hi… Here’s where I ask myself, ‘ Is it better to do just a very quick Post when you are too busy to devote much time, or none at all?’

Since too often of late it has been No Post I am doing a very quick feature today. I admit that as the prospect of moving grows closer—as the list of chores involved not only in preparing to move, but in purchasing new digs, gets longer— I am too overwhelmed to think straight, let alone write.

A beautiful vintage Daher Decorated Ware metal ware bowl dish with a Floral Design made in England in the 1970s. This tray is about 10 inches in diameter and 3/4s of an inch deep. It would make a lovely catch-all on a vanity or dresser. There is some slight dicoloration on the fron, and a few scratches on the back, but in good vintage condtion
Beautiful vintage Daher Decorated Ware metal bowl dish made in England in the 1970s. This tray is about 10 inches in diameter. A lovely catch-all for a vanity or dresser. $12.00

There are still weeks of this Fun to go, and since our Etsy Shop O Deer Mercantile will remain open except for about a week during the move itself, I wanted to give you another peek at some of the fun items we are stocked with. I have always been a fan of tins and other metal ware, and have amassed a rather large collection over the years. Some I have still, while others I have parted with along the way (often to my later regret), but they seem to be items I have an eye for as well as an appreciation for. Whether it be a small tea tin, a larger candy or biscuit tin, or some specialty or novelty container created for a specific product, I love them all. Some are so pretty, decorative enough to stand on their own without any other purpose. Some are for advertisement. This was one of the early uses of these useful metal containers, and has periodically enjoyed revived interest over the decades.

Durable & Beautiful Metal Ware

Metal Ware: Collectible renoir tin
Vintage Black and Gold Tin w/ Renoir Paintings Reproduced on Top and Bottom: Unusual Two Sided Collector Tin for Party Cookies $24.00

There are also metal trays, bowls, baskets and sundry other tin items to covet or collect. Some trays are useful, TV or Serving Trays, while others are more suited to holding brushes and combs on the dressing table, or as catch-alls for change and other small items from our pockets. There are holiday tins, from those festooned with Santa and Sleighs to Easter Egg shapes and designs, Halloween containers with pumpkins and Black Cats, etc.

A study of the history of these objects provides interesting reading. Metal has long been one of the principle materials for storage and serving containers. While plastic may have usurped metal on may fronts these past few decades, it still doesn’t have the beauty or durability of metal.

While I would like to expand upon this post with more information and history of metal ware, that will have to wait. In the meanwhile, I just wanted to give you a look at some of our current stock of metal ware. I have a number of pieces I have recently acquired as well as some holiday tins that I will be listing in the not too distant future, so be sure to stop by the shop regularly to see what we have. Thanks for stopping by, and for your patience during the hectic weeks to come.

Be sure to stop by My Dessert Cottage Blog this weekend to take part in all the fun of Where Bloggers Create 2016. Gaia and I are so bummed that we can’t participate this year, but can’t wait to be inspired by the Studios and Work-spaces of all the Bloggers we Love, and to see some new ones. Till next time…

>Daher Decorative Ware Metal Bowl Floral Chintz: Made in England 1971, Tin Ware $13.00
Daher Decorative Ware Metal Bowl Floral Chintz: Made in England 1971, Tin Ware $13.00