In the LimeLight! Weekly Feature #8

Wednesday Weekly Etsy Shop Feature

Feature 8- Holiday Craft Books

Yes— I’m calling it Feature #8 even though this is the first official weekly feature I have actually done since moving back in August. What with unpacking, painting (helping the offspring paint their rooms— I’ve just started my workroom), shopping for and updating home interior, hurricanes, yard work, etc., I am still just a little behind.

Our annual Halloween Party (sans Barn) is just a few days away. We have started decorating the Florida room and house for that. This will be my first time having Trick or Treaters in close to a decade because of our formerly rural lifestyle, and I still haven’t decorated the front porch. We had to wait for the Tree Guys to finish cutting down four trees and trimming many others rendered damaged and dangerous by the hurricane. There’s still no end in sight of yard clean-up. More home repairs are scheduled or in the offing for the next few weeks to come.

Meanwhile, I am trying to organize my Etsy Shop materials. I have ordered boxes, packing material and other supplies in anticipation of the holiday season, and those are going to have to be organized and stowed conveniently when they arrive over the next several days.

Am I Stressed????

Well yes, but I still think I can more or less pull it all together and make the next couple of months tolerable, and maybe even fun.

Vintage Craft Books from O Deer Mercantile

For those of you who like to make your own Christmas and Holiday Gifts, and are looking for something a bit different, we have a selection of amazing vintage Craft Books in stock. Whether you sew on a machine, use a hoop, or quilt, we’ve got some retro projects for you. Or, if your gift list includes stitchers, these books would be great presents. Check these and others out on our O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop!

I hope you take a trip over to the Etsy Shop and check out our vintage items, and Gaia’s handcrafted plushies and brooches. I’ll be back soon with an update on the Halloween party. I hope to take you on a virtual journey documenting the development of my craft room from its current chaotic state to something more useful and pleasant in the coming weeks…

Work Room in Progress