Kaylah’s Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the O Deer Christmas Treasure Hunt…

Originally, we were going to do a single post featuring the O Deer Favorite Christmas Shopping Sites. However, we are such an eclectic group, with intersecting but still widely divergent tastes and styles, that we decided to do not one, but three gift guides featuring the places and products we like best for online shopping. Our first offering, not for the faint of heart, but perfect for the twenty-something millennials, the hipsters, Generation Y, iGen or whatever you wish to call the young people currently emerging into or experiencing early adulthood, is from Kaylah…


Go a Little Nuts This Year

A friend I have on Facebook said it best earlier this month, “It’s November 1st, Merry Christmas!”. As blasphemous as that sounds, she had a point. It seems like the holidays creep into November more and more every year. With that being said, I present to you, Kaylah’s Holiday Gift Guide! Variety galore over here—with something for your ‘Zen Friend’, your ‘Bearded Boy’, and ‘Gender Equality Activist Girlfriend’ (A.K.A Me) and everything in between. You can click on the name of the shop for a direct link to the website. Lets get started, yo…

(BTW: All Images and Logos below were pulled from their respective websites. I do not own rights to any image.)


energy Energy Skate Shop

Alright guys, so I’m being a little biased and I began with my favorite skate shop. Located in Daytona Beach, they’re a local favorite around here, and have also been featured in ‘Thrasher’ magazine. Although I can visit them in person, most of you can’t, but fear not! The website is just as rad, and offers a wide variety of decks, skate apparel, board accessories, really anything your favorite skater could desire. Specializing in interesting brands, (And their own), they also carry classic favorites such as ‘Toy Machine’, ‘Spitfire’, ‘Emerica’ and so much more. Give em’ a visit whether in person (If you know, you’re in town) or online!

 GypsyGypsy Warrior

If you or someone you love is into magic (Or magical clothing),this shop is for you. Gypsy Warrior offers a wide variety of mystical items including Ouija board candles, tarot decks, and bunches of sage. Their clothing options are just as interesting, even featuring (gasp!) a unisex variety of tees, which is mega cool in my book. Gorgeously grunge dresses, rad tops, and unique bottoms, this store is sure to please the gypsy/witch/free spirit in your life.

luminousYou Are Luminous Shop

If you’re into good vibes and jewelry adorned with gorgeous stones, you have to check out the You Are Luminous shop. Necklaces, rings, earrings, chokers, bracelets, etc, most all featuring lovely charms and/or crystals. They even sell ornate/classic septum clickers, or if you’re not ready for the pierced commitment, faux rings are available as well, all at a reasonable price!


A store for almost everyone and everything. This website certainly fits its name. Bright colors, kitschy designs and quirky items, you can find almost anything here. Mostly known for their eclectic home decor, men and women accessories are also offered. If you’re into photography, the tech shop has a unique collection of cameras. Plus there is a boutique section with personalized gifts, a watch shop and hey, why not— an adult shop! Like I said before, literally anything for anyone. Give their page a look you guys.

 nalaaNala Cat Apparel and Accesories

Okay cat lovers and friends of cat lovers, this has got to be one of the cutest shops ever. Flip-flops,tees, phone cases, cups— ALL WITH PICTURES OF THIS ADORABLE KITTY. ‘Nuff said.


One of my favorite artists at the moment, illustrations of unique, colorful pinup girls and images emblazoned with quirky quotes is at large in this shop. From clothes/accessories, to individual prints of her work, and even phone cases, you can definitely find something for your sassy sweetie this holiday season.

 lime crimeLime Crime

Honestly one of the most colorful makeup brands I have ever come across. Like, you want blue lipstick? Here ya go! Zodiac sign inspired eye glitter? They got it. Pastel hair dye? You bet your sweet bottom. I think you get my point.

 tumblr_ljo3xuU5H01qhcg0yOmerica Organic

As a fellow modified human being, (Specifically stretched lobes) I think I can speak for almost all of us when I say, plugs are a super thoughtful gift. It’s like when you buy someone a super nice necklace or set of earrings. Jewelry is always appreciated whether its regular, or body jewelry! So if you wanna go big or go home, and by that I mean willing to spend some extra cash to buy your fave plugged person a really nice set of ear adornments, this is the place to look. High end woods and stones to bring you gorgeous ear pieces. Unique shapes and all sizes are available, as well as kits to help with the up keep of your nice plugs (Because yes, with natural materials comes great responsibility.) For the none stretchers out there, organic jewelry and rad tees are also available. Make your pierced pal smile from stretched ear, to stretched ear this holiday season, with Omerica Organics.

findshopThe Find Shop

If you’re a thrifty shopper like my fellow O-Deer ladies and I, you need this site. Quality vintage/thrifted clothing and accessories all for low prices. Basically an online thrift shop, with only the cute stuff. Staying cheap without having to leave the house! Plus, no one else will have the same plaid overall maxi dress as your frugal friend.

 ftnFree The Nipple Shop

Wow. So my computer’s security program actually blocked me from this site due to ‘Nudity and Risque Content’. LITERALLY what the FTN organization is against. I could go on a rant right now, but that’s another topic for another time. Anyhow, let me tell you how awesome this organization is. They’re all for the naturalization of breasts/female nipples in society. I mean, if men can be topless, why can’t women? No one should have to breast feed in a dirty public bathroom stall, because the world is afraid of nipples. Living in Florida especially, on days that are 85+ degrees, I just become so jealous of my bare chested boyfriend while I’m sweating something rancid into my bra. If you know someone who could stand behind this cause, help them support with one of FTN’s totally rad shirts, socks, or sticker packs. \m/


Beard Buddy

Inspired to feature this shop by my recently bearded boyfriend, and the fact that like 1 out of every 5 guys (My own made up statistics there) has a beard anymore, this shop features every kind of beard grooming product you could imagine. Did you know beard oil is a thing? Yeah, me either. Keep your lumberjack friend’s face clean with beard wash and a nice comb. Don’t have a beard? Support the facial farm with a t-shirt or sticker pack!

I hope you enjoy this little compilation of my favorite online (and local) haunts. Happy Holiday Shopping!!!