Late Start to 2016: Mapping Out My New Year

KaylahMoving Forward…Adulting

With January almost over, (already?!) and February quickly approaching, I feel as though my start on this year has been a tad late. I made no resolutions in December, so much as I made a ‘To-Do’ list — things that should have been finished a long time ago. Now, I’ve only achieved one thing on this list (Getting a second job), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’ve really just been visiting my sub-conscious these past three weeks, sorting and organizing my thoughts. I’m not much of a self motivator, and not many of the people around me are inspired motivators themselves. So I did what I had to do, and delved into the until now somewhat neglected recesses of my mind.

“Okay Kaylah, you’re a young adult now, and need to be proactive. You have others counting on you, and a life to jump-start.”

With that in mind, I have decided I need to move out of my mother’s house, and move in with a friend. This has happened a little sooner than expected, but it’s for the benefit of another family member, which is important to me. I’ll be obtaining my permit within the next few weeks, Zack should be getting a car with his tax returns and after everything, I’d like to start cosmetology courses in the Fall. So the point of writing this post is really, to put my self promises out to the universe (and the internet) for anyone to see, and follow me in my journey of becoming self-dependent.

So now, what you should be expecting from me at this point, are more creative, and personal blog posts this year. My friend, Anna, and I have a lot of ideas for DIY-ing her old beach house, (chalk paint walls anyone?) so expect many home project tutorials and I’d like to document my move as well, and the adjustments I’ll need to make moving into the Real World via photography. I will still be an active member of O Deer, just a bit more involved in what’s going on around me. So, I hope you all follow me as I embark on this journey of becoming an independently functioning member of society. If this plan doesn’t work for me— well I’ll probably just put my time to good use and go volunteer in a third world country. I’m not kidding you guys. For now though, have a Happy New Year all! (Even if yours started late as well.)

What I’ve Been Up To This Past Month: