Lazy Summer Musings

Wicker Sofa as Plant ShelfSlacking in June

I have been busy (I realize here that I am always busy— sometimes it becomes a matter of degree). I had not really planned a post for today, but I am a little incensed, or perhaps just a shade annoyed. Again, it comes down to degree. I really do wish to post more often than I have, and so, there is this little nagging sore spot where the particular subject of how often and how much to post is concerned.

This subject has come into focus at present because of a comment left on my blog last night. I have already relegated this little gem to my spam folder. After having blogged for two and a half years, I have certainly encountered plenty of the less appetizing content that the internet spawns. But, I will admit, this one bugged me. I am going to include an excerpt from this comment:

Hello admin, i see your page needs fresh posts. Daily updates will rank
your page in google higher, content is king nowadays. If you are to lazy to write unique articles everyday you should…

At least if someone is going to call me Lazy, they could use better grammar, spelling and sentence structure. To the sender, it is too lazy to write. Use the right word! Okay, that is about out of my system. I do believe that content is important, but I think that it is better to wait until I can devote enough time to generate some, hopefully, interesting and informative content, and not just shove something out there to have another Post. 

That said, I do not really feel lazy, although I do vaguely wish that my energy level stayed on Go for a few more hours a day. Honestly, some evenings it is all I can do to look at Pinterest  from the comfort of my couch. My life is more than full these days. The garden, yard and my collection of potted plants demand a great deal of attention this time of year.

There will be an update before too long on how Gaia and I are progressing on our efforts at Garden Organization. We are making some positive gains, but with the heat, the regular demands of lawn maintenance, and other pressing matters, it is slow going at best. Our work has been rewarded with a stream of veggies from the garden. We harvested the rest of the sweet onions early in the month and stored them in the barn. There has been a bumper crop of bell peppers off of my three plants, and the tomatoes are sprawling out of control and over the fence. After doing battle with squash borers, I still brought in a half-dozen summer squashes this week, and there are more to come. It is not easy to fight the onslaught of insects in Florida organically, but I seem to be holding my own with a regular spraying schedule. More about this soon.

The deck of the Garden House was getting overcrowded, so we moved an old wicker sofa that was beyond repair and slated for disposal out next to the fence, and filled the seat with potted herbs and flowers. The sun is too hot this time of year for many herbs, so the mints and the stevia plants are now beside the bathtub on the north side of the Garden House.

I could make a full-time job of just maintaining the house, the outbuildings, the garden and the yard, but both Gaia and I have been busy getting our Etsy shop, O Deer Mercantile up and running. We are trying to get our respective work-spaces ready to feature in this year’s Where Bloggers Create hosted by Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage. It will be my third year to participate, and Gaia’s first. I am also working on expanding our Branding, designing everything from business cards to hang tags for our products. In addition to that, we went to a sale last week and now have a number of vintage collectibles to photograph, enter into inventory and list in our shop.

The other design job I had to finish up for today is a card for my Dad’s Birthday! He is Eighty One Years Young today. Happy Birthday Dad— I Love You…

As my Lazy June unfolds, I will try to keep posting, and I will try to keep up, and I will try to stay sane. Wishing everyone the best!

Vegetable & Herb Garden- June 2015