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Daytona Ormond Beach Local Eatery ~ Donnie’s Donuts

Donnie Donuts Breakfast

1/20/2017—Just a quick note! Donnie’s Donuts shop sustained considerable damage when Hurricane Matthew passed through this area in October 2016, and were not able to reopen then. They have since secured a new space at 200 E. Granada in Ormond Beach (Closer to us 😀 ) and they are re-opened at that location. If you are in the Neighborhood, stop by and try the awesome donuts at the shop voted “Best Donuts in Florida”!


It’s been a while since we posted anything specific about local business. Doing a feature on Donnie’s Donuts is a Sweet way to begin this series in a New Year. This small, beachside donut shop is our newest  local-crush. It is a unique twist on the old-fashioned doughnut shop. The quality is certainly of the traditional sort— these tasty gems are handcrafted and baked fresh daily. The business philosophy is very current. These delicious round baked goods come with a dizzying array of toppings, including maple-bacon, or for the more adventurous, there is the option of creating your own unique donut with provided toppings. Donnie’s also offers a catering service. They will customize their signature cake donuts to match the event or theme of your celebration, from office get-togethers to weddings or birthday parties. And at the end of the day, any leftover baked goodness is donated to Halifax Urban Ministries to help feed the homeless. How great is that?

A Case full Of Yum! @Donnie's Donuts ~ Ormond Beach, FL

Donnie’s Donuts is a quintessential  example of the kind of small business that we at O Deer so love. They fill a lovely niche in the local business scene, are community oriented,  and  socially savvy. Find them on FaceBook , Instagram and Twitter connecting with their many fans. Stop by and try their wares, and find yourself engaged by a friendly and knowledgeable staff that don’t rush you even when they are busy. The personal touch is unmistakable, and keeps customers coming back as surely as their yummy donuts and sublime coffee.

This past Saturday morning, with O Deer Girls Gaia and Kaylah in tow, I set out for the Farmer’s Market. The day was very foggy, though not cold, and there was a crowd of shoppers, picking up fresh greens and veggies, the Roaming Roaster’s artisan coffee beans, herbs and herbal products, fresh eggs and so much more.  We snagged some fresh kale, apples and tomatoes, then determined that we needed to be fortified with caffeine before checking out a favorite Friday and Saturday only thrift shop. I have heard so many good things about Donnie’s Donuts, and since it is just a few blocks from the Our Lady of Lourdes Rummage Center which was our next destination, I decided this was the perfect time to give it a try. Kaylah had been previously, so she already knew that she wanted the bacon topped donut. There were just too many to choose from, and we would feel guilty if we didn’t bring some for our loved ones back at home, so I sprang for a dozen.  We were not disappointed!

Burnt Wood image with shop local slogan


In spite of trying to start off the New Year on a healthier, hopefully leaner note, we know that we will go back to Donnie’s Donuts when the opportunity arises. Sometimes it is good to indulge, and these scrumptious donuts are an ideal indulgence. Be sure and stop by when you are in the area…

Donnie's Donuts- Logo WallCredit for several of the above photos goes to Kaylah.  Donnie’s donuts is now located at 200 E. Granada in Ormond Beach, Florida. We promise to stop in and take some new photos soon.

Till next time…