Networking— Getting our Name Out There!

O Deer Mercantile (Remember Our Name)

O Deer Mercantile Stickers

Kaylah with Watercolor HairMy past two weeks have been insane, I hardly felt the end of August brush on by, and now September has quietly crept its way into my 2015 (Beyonce) calendar. Aside from dying my hair and taking care of a new eyebrow piercing, I just recently started a new job. I am hosting at a newly opened restaurant/bar in town called ‘Hamburger Mary’s’. So far, my time there has been hectic, stressful and loud—however, I absolutely love it. The atmosphere is incredible. I work with some of the kindest, most outgoing people imaginable. Plus, it’s a great feeling to be a part of the beginning of such a fabulous restaurant. And hey, who wouldn’t love to see a free drag show twice a night every Friday and Saturday? If you haven’t been, and assuming you’re an open-minded individual, the place is certainly worth a visit! A link for more info— visit Hamburger Mary’s Website.

Any who— besides promoting my place of work, I have been subtly, but actively, advertising for this Blog right here! Certainly, Social Media seems like the generic millennial way to do it, and I have used online platforms for exposure such as my personal Instagram and Facebook, but I like to intrigue pedestrians as well. (Keepin’ it real hipster with my old school ideas.) You can’t tell me you haven’t spotted an interesting graphic plastered on a pole as you walked on down the sidewalk. What do you do? (Well what I do anyway…) step up closer to further investigate!

That was my mind-set when my grandma made me a sheet of O Deer Mercantile stickers. Since we only have a few (Maybe we’ll print up more in the future!) I have chosen very particularly where to place them, I mean really getting into location demographic and everything. For example, I posted one up on the map of beach street, (A well-known artsy area in our town) and tacked a card of ours in a local, small business fro-yo shop (Rhokkos) bulletin board. I also stuck one on my boyfriend’s skateboard, but that was just for fun. Now, stickers featuring just a picture and alluring statement might be trendy and strike curiosity, (Works on me every time!) but here at O Deer Mercantile we like to let people know what we’re all about! Our sticker uses an interesting watercolor scheme to catch the eye, along with our signature deer, topped off with our website’s name, for obvious reasons. As you can tell, sticker-slapping isn’t as random as you think. Or maybe I’m the only person who puts way too much thought into that type of thing, Ha! In conclusion, I think I should be rightfully titled as O Deer Mercantile’s ‘Networking Ninja’, because I might be discrete but I get the word out. Also ‘Networking Ninja’ would be pretty rad to use in a resume. Who wouldn’t hire someone with that kind of experience? Well, I’ll write again soon, or in another 3 weeks, whatever comes first. Peace!


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