Notes and an Homage to Our Beautiful Planet

World Environment Day June 5th 2017

Today is World Environment Day. It is day set aside to encourage everyone to become involved with our planet, her plight and to go outside, to take action and imitative. This year’s theme is ‘Connecting People to Nature’. Everyone is encouraged to get outside and connect with nature. Most of us live near parks and/or green-spaces. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the outdoors and appreciate nature from up close. The web site is encouraging folks to take pictures of the natural beauty around us and when they are shared tag them #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature, and maybe be featured on their gallery. 

Living in Florida, we have lots of outdoor activities and things to do. My back yard connects to a Golf Course—one of the old Florida style courses that still feature lots of wild spaces and trees. The photo below features part of my back yard view.

Photo Happy!

While I’m talking photos, I am going to share my newest toy with you. While I am pretty proud of my pictures, both here on the web site and on our shop O Deer Mercantile, I know they could be much better. My cell phone has a camera that is adequate outdoors but falls far short inside most of the time. My other cameras, a Nikon COOLPIX point and shoot , and a (actually easier to use) Canon PowerShot S95 do a nice job, especially factoring in the ditzy photographer, but I have wanted the chance to try out a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) for quite awhile. Acouple of weeks ago, I came across a great deal on Amazon and (swallow hard 😕 ) decided to take the plunge. 

Canon Rebel  T6
Pay no attention to the Pirate in the corner!

 I bought the Canon Rebel T6 pictured above, and thus-far, taking a photo of it and downloading manuals is about as far as I have gotten. Oh, and I set the date and time! I look forward to having a little time to start getting familiar with it, and I hope it gives my product shots and other images that extra boost I am hoping for. I will update as I learn how to use this still intimidating, to me, camera.

Tracking Our Progress

Sales Map in Work Room

Most anyone who follows Etsy knows they have done a lot of upgrading and expanding lately. Etsy Studio is now a thing. The entire site is devoted to Makers and Making. Craft products, supplies, inspiration and how-tos are some of what’s available on this brand new venue. For those of us with Etsy shops, the big change is the Shop Dashboard. It is very nice. My favorite thing is the ease of use and thoroughness of the Stats page. There is a goldmine of information at every vendor’s fingertips now, and it is all very intuitive and simple to understand. I like to keep an eye on the Stats, and use the comparison feature to see how far we have progressed in the past year. 

In my office, I recently hung a map of the USA and started adding flag pins to all of the places we have shipped to these last two years. Not only is it fun and aesthetically pleasing, we can now see our where our customers are and aren’t at a glance. I don’t know how well you can see my little pins, but I will say now that so far, the Heartland has not shown us the Love. We ♥ the Northeast and the West Coast, and Texas, and most of the rest of the South are well represented on the map. Nary a pin has been stuck in any state from North Dakota to Oklahoma, or the northern Rocky Mountain States. Something to ponder along with other Stats. 

That’s my ramble for today. Don’t forget to go outside, and never forget to honor our Mother Earth! I hope your all have a lovely week.

Till next time… 

World Environment Day