November Ruminations

Reflecting and Finding Time as Autumn Wanes

November Ruminations~ Full Moon in Taurus

The November Full Moon in Taurus will be shining brightly tonight. Like all the full moons it’s been called different things by different cultures and in different ages. No matter what you call it, it is a lantern lighting our way into the darkest months of the year. Stare at it raptly. Reflect in its beauty. Take some time to Breath. You will need it in the days and weeks to come.

It seems paradoxical that with October and All-Hallows past, and the busiest season of the year approaching, I am slowing down inwardly and reflecting on this year almost finished. It has flown by, faster than the last if that is even possible. I have had an incredibly busy year, sometimes quite trying and always a challenge, and yet, it has been a good year. I would have to say that on a Soul level, at least, the Harvest has been Bountiful. I am more content and at peace with myself, my direction, and more connected to my Center than I have been in years. Another paradox. The world around me is fraught with disaster, both those of Nature (Hurricanes and Typhoons, Earthquakes, Fires) and those wrought by (hu)man against (hu)man (mass murder, terrorism, shootings, political posturing). There is so seldom a day that we don’t wake up to a new Horror, that drama and tragedy have become our norm.

Still, it is the nature of our species to rise above, to create normalcy out of adversity, and so we all look forward to the journey into the dark, and to the warm traditions and rituals we share to make it a celebration. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and then Christmas and New Years. For some it will be the Solstice or Hanukkah or Yuletide, but what binds all of these observances together is their function of Shining Light in the Darkness, and getting us through the shortest and sometimes meanest days of the year. 

Take time this year not just to get lost in the trappings of whatever celebration you indulge in, but to truly feel the feels  🙂 . Let the soft blanket of waning autumn warm you, the company of family and friends lift you up, and the lights of the Season bring you Joy.

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I didn’t know where this post was going when I sat down to write it this morning. I was going to talk about my busy week—I did a 5k walk with several thousand other wonderful pink clad people last Saturday. The D.G. Meyer Team, Captained by my sweet daughter, participated in the Making Strides Breast Cancer Awareness walk and raised about $600 for that admirable cause. 

Another daughter is on a trip around the Mediterranean this week, so I kept my beautiful ten-year old granddaughter over the weekend. 

I had trick-or-treaters! Last year we were loaded up with Treats and stoked for our first  trick-or-treaters in a decade and we had three (yes 3!) It was disappointing. There were reasons (hurricane a couple of weeks earlier, new in the hood, street light taken out by the aforementioned hurricane), but it was still a letdown. We didn’t have droves this year, but there were several dozen costumed nocturnal visitors, and that was Good.

I didn’t finish this week’s features, but let me just say, I am literally up to my elbows in Baskets—so boho and so Jungalow (my word of the week… I have discovered a New to me nuance of decorating, and I am just enchanted with the word). I promise to have the baskets listed on O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop and the feature ready for next week. 

Another project that I need to finish this post and get back to, is painting our dark cave of a family room. Some of you may recall the fireplace redoux from a few weeks back. This is the next step. Gaia and I are collaborating once more and we will unveil our new, improved room next week also.

So—Busy! Till Next time…

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November Ruminations