O Deer—Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14th

I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we are, tomorrow, half way through the second month of 2017. Very often these days, I have the feeling that I am just barely skimming the surface of Time, dipping in a toe now and then to assure myself that I am still here— But otherwise just being swept along by currents I either cannot or do not wish to examine. 

Okay! I’ve had my Metaphysical moment.

Happy Valentine’s Day…

I am not a huge proponent of the day. I love those I Love all of the time, and I’m not too much on making gratuitous gestures, or expecting them from others. That said,  I don’t ignore the holiday entirely. I just don’t over-do. I have a few heart-shaped decorations, and the mantle is dressed in silver, white and red for winter. To me, Valentine’s Day is, as much as anything, a reminder that we are over half way to Spring.

I did bake a chocolate cake over the weekend, cause my family firmly believes nothing says I Love You like chocolate. And I have a little treat for each of those I share this home with today!!! 

While I look forward to Spring and the Easter Holiday, a favorite of mine, I will wish you all Love and Light on this day, and on every day…


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Happy Valentine's Day