O Deer! It’s Gaia’s Birthday…

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Gaia

It’s Gaia’s birthday, so (being the proud mom that I am) I just wanted to do a short post to mark this event in her life.

Born in 1994, she is celebrating her 22nd birthday. Besides being my youngest child, and therefore eternally saddled with the dubious honor of being my Baby, Gaia is a remarkable young woman. She is quiet, kind, thoughtful and considerate. She has an extraordinary mind, and is one of the most determined people I have ever met. After applying, interviewing and being accepted into a pilot College-High School program in North Carolina, she proceeded to complete six years of school, graduate and obtain her Associate of Arts Degree in four, often grueling years. While many of her peers were out having fun, she spent hours every evening and weekend doing schoolwork. When offered the option of extending the courses into a five year program, she declined and worked harder. She was an honor student and Salutatorian for her graduating class.

These days, Gaia is primarily interested in her art. She draws constantly, paints occasionally, and spends a great deal of her time designing and sewing the small plushies, dolls and brooches she sells on our Etsy Shop O Deer Mercantile

Gaia's Children

As my partner in our small but steadily growing business, Gaia is going beyond being a maker and an artist, and is trying on the title of Entrepreneur. She still has a lot to learn, as do I, but I believe she is up to the challenge.

We have a tradition of letting the family member with the birthday choose anything she/he wants for dinner and what kind of cake. Gaia, who has loved apples above all fruits since she was a toddler, chose an apple sheet cake with caramel icing. I am going to wish her a very Happy Birthday now, filled with love, light and all good things— and then we’re going to go have cake.

Till next time…

Apple cake