Oh Deer! It’s a Baby…

 Drum Roll Please— BB Corn is Due to Arrive in October

        Hello, hello blog readers! It’s Kaylah, the third member of the O Deer crew. I know I’m not heard from often anymore, but believe it or not, I’m still here— usually just behind the scenes these days. I’ve recently started helping my grandmother out in her work room, mostly editing photos. Ever since I moved back home from Savannah, Georgia earlier this year, free time has been more abundant for me; Which I’ve been trying to utilize every ounce of since in about 3 months, that time will be greatly reduced. Yes folks, the title gave it away — I am a soon to be mother!
          I think most of us can agree that it’s certainly been a crazy year thus far. (And we’re only half way through!) All kinds of energy have been present in my life personally, but I’d say none has been greater than that of my son who I carry with me always. Not only is he extremely physically active, but I can already sense that this lil’ bb is going to have a large personality! Maybe I’m just saying that because I’m his mother and I’m excited, but I’m sure all you other parents out there can relate. Anyhow, I’d like to move on to what this post is truly supposed to be about —thrifty nursery décor! (I will post a link to my Instagram at the end of this blog if you’d like to follow my pregnancy journey.)
          Since most of you have possibly been following this blog for a while, by now you understand my grandmother’s affinity for all things eclectic and vintage. Naturally, of course, I have taken after her in this sense. (And probably many other ways as well.) So undoubtedly, Baby Corn’s nursery will reflect that. PS; Baby Corn is the nickname AJ and I gave him well before we knew the gender to avoid referring to him as ‘it’, and the title just kinda stuck. Aj’s last name is Cobb – hence Corn. It’s silly but we dig it! He has a real name of course, but it will be kept private from the public until he’s born. MOVING ON— I have been collecting many pieces from thrift shops, family members personal collections, and even good ol’ Target. (The dollar section always gets me.) We plan on going with a woodsy camping / traveling theme, and while that is the base design, some random pieces and ideas have been mixed into the pot as well. For example, I thought it would be nice to incorporate a bit of a gallery wall in his room, featuring pieces by my favorite Insta-artists, close friends & family, and my own personal work. I may be trying to subconsciously instill a love for the arts, but what parent isn’t guilty of trying to share a similar interest with their child? Plus, wouldn’t it be cute to frame his future work and add it as well?!
          When it comes to the furniture, let me tell ya, I have been an incredibly lucky gal in that area. One of my favorite ‘scores’ has been his crib, originally found by Gramma Gwen at one of her most frequented local thrift shops. Selling for 30-something dollars, it was too good a deal to pass up. After she texted me a photo of it, AJ and I drove out to see it within the next hour and we couldn’t believe what good shape it was in! Stable, safe, and hardly any scuffs or scratches, we bought the crib immediately. I had even checked Craigslist and Facebook market place prior to this, and couldn’t find nearly as good a bargain as this. The wood isn’t exactly our preferred color, but beggars can’t be choosers- however, we can be crafters, and a little stain will take us a long way! Another favorite feature of mine is the dresser I bought off my best friend. A ‘mid-century modern’ white/gold/dark wood piece, it will also double as his changing table! I personally don’t like the standard no-drawer changing tables because function is limited. Now he can grow with this dresser for a while as well, and it only cost me a fraction of the price that it would brand new!
          Wrapping things up here, I suppose the conclusion I’m trying to reach is, you can have a stylish yet thrifty nursery, it’s just about scouring all of your available resources, and being crafty with what you have! Below, I’ve posted some of my favorite odds and ends from Baby Corn’s collection I have so far. (Click the images to enlarge.) I hope I’ve sparked a little inspiration, whether it be for a fellow Momma to be, or really anyone whose looking for a décor update! Once the time comes and his room is all finished, I’ll be due for a more thorough post giving a tour of his little abode. Thank you guys so much for reading, and if you’d like to follow my Instagram, the link is here:

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